Monday 26 March 2012

More Terrain Pieces.

Around 14 odd years ago, I purchased a couple of large terrain pieces produced by an outfit called Scenic Effects. The first of these terrain pieces was to represent a certain Italian Monastery of the Benedictine persuasion. I based my order on glowing telephone descriptions from the vendor, and a hazy small black and white photocopy of a picture from a catalogue. So sight unseen, I placed my order and waited for a large package to arrive from Australia.
Spot the 1/72 scale figure in this picture.

Quite bombed out, but still very roomy.
 While quite a huge piece of terrain, it is extremely light. This is due to it being made out of expanded foam. I have been storing it for quite some time, and have been tempted to onsell it on more than one occasion, but I think that I might actually paint it up and use it in a game. Possibly a WW2 Italian front game? - Maybe 1944 on the Gustav line?
Another view. Spot the 20mm Grunt.

And another view. This thing is massive.

Comes complete with trenches.

Another view.
And yet another view!

 It has lots of detail which would be picked out nicely by a good wash! I can see this taking an entire weekend to finish, but I should paint it up and use it before it gets much older!

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