Wednesday 6 June 2012

Recycled French Pt. 3

So I have managed to create a total of eight V&B infantry stands out of the preloved French I acquired from the Archduke in May. After removing them from their bases, I gave them the briefest of retouching where the original paint job had peeled off or cracked. Very little was done in way of attempting to improve the existing paintjob, as the purpose of these stands is to give me a fieldable force to use against Frank while I finish off painting my Airfix French. I am strongly considering buying a box of the Hat 1808-1812 Line Infantry to add into them, as a source of Grenadiers, Voltigeurs, and Officers on foot. Plus, the figures look awesome!

Looking down the line.
 Currently my French forces stand at eight infantry stands, three artillery stands, and one command stand. of these, only the command stand was painted by me. The rest were all acquired painted, with the exception of the replacement cannon on the artillery stands.

Washed, flocked, and matt varnished.

Moving down the line - more French infantry.

And some more infantry stands...

The flags are all from Warflag, a great free resource.

I also took some photos with Frank's British forces, and plan to do a post featuring his work soon. I did ask about him starting a blog to showcase his work, but he said he doesn't have the time to do so currently.

French vs. British.
Two infantry stands vs.  cavalry.
Another view of the same.

French infantry on the advance.

More French stands.

Airfix artillery crew with Esci guns.

Both lines meet.
 Overall I am very happy with the look of the finished stands. While the flags probably aren't the right size, a number of flags are sans eagles, and many other faults are present, these stands will allow me to field an ok force on the tabletop.  Most importantly, they will allow me some breathing space to finish the painting of my Airfix horde for use against Frank!


  1. They look pretty dam' good to me, Brian! Very dynamic. I did mention, didn't I, that nicely flocked bases can make a big difference. I am very impressed with yours! What material did you use?

    Meanwhile, I've been working on the Prussians (7 battalions) and am vaguely considering building a small Saxon corps as a French Ally. I'll be mentioning all this in my blogspot over the next day or two...

  2. Great bunch of painted figures and very nice based!