Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Airfix AWI Americans

I have just finished touching up and basing the last of the painted AWI Airfix. Again, these figures were originally painted by the same unknown painter who had painted the rest of the AWI figures I have recently posted.

Airfix George Washington's Army set based up for V&B.

I have tried to position the crawling figure in a manner to suggest that he is wounded.

More Continentals.
  Yet again the original painter did a very nice job, although the drummer should be in reverse colours. Still, given the logistics issues of all sides during the war this is not a major issue. I also based up a lone crawling figure. I am tempted to do more and use them as casualty markers.

Washington, but still not on the correct horse. This is the officer's horse from the  Airfix Waterloo French Infantry set.

I was also able to make an additional British stand by using the second mounted officer from the British Grenadiers set combined with the advancing figures. This means I now have three French stands, three US stands, and Four British stands. I clearly need to paint up more troops!

Another British stand. The officer should probably be dismounted, but keepimg him mounted is more in keeping with the ethos of the project.
In the course of refurbishing these figures, I discovered that the Airfix AWI sets are again out of production. This makes me glad I grabbed two sets when they last came out in the mid 1990s.

It's stockpiling, not hording. 
However, since they are currently out of production, I am very cautious about using them as a source of tricorns for conversions. On the plus side, two sets while give me plenty of figures in the firing and loading poses.


  1. Very nice Brian. I like the idea of using the crawling fig as a casualty marker.

    1. I'm planning on painting some of the crawling figures up as Redcoats so I can use them for my AWI British.

  2. looking good. The conversions turned out well and I like the conversion of the Airfix Wagon train women.

    1. Yeah, they turned out quite well, now I just have to paint them. Hopefully the female figure will work well as artillery crew too.

  3. I think I preferred these figures when they were cast in a pale yellow plastic (Americans and British, both). Mine are all of that vintage, but I've had them probably 30 years or more. These armies are certainly coming along, Brian!

    1. The original yellow colour is much nicer in some ways, but I have found it difficult to take photographs of.

  4. Hello, i like your conversions and compositions a lot!
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Antonio for your kin words. The figures in your AWI blog look amazing!