Wednesday 12 September 2012

Yet More Haradi WIP

Recently I have started painting some more figures up for use in Harad, or to be more precise, I am restarting painting figures that I started painting sometime last year. The figures are an unknown make that I purchased from "The Warehouse" - a source of much gaming resources.

Plastics of unknown manufacture. The green single figure is a HK knockoff of  the officer from hard plastic Esci US Marines  set
 Once painted these figures will be used as generic Haradi militia - suitable for bulking out the force from any faction. These are other figures from the same set that I used to paint up some HNG. I have also been acquiring sets of the Airfix NATO Infantry for use as Haradi troops. Indeed, it seems that I am stockpiling a great deal of things at the moment for various projects, but not actually sitting down and making/painting it up for use. Hopefully I will be able to spend some time correcting that soon.

Two 20mm metal figures of unknown manufacture.  the figure on the right was originally armed with a  M.-16.
 These two metal figures were purchased secondhand and I have little idea of the manufacturer or the what the figure is meant to be. I am fairly certain that the figure on the right is meant to be a US Infantryman serving during the Vietnam War. I plan on painting up both figures for use in Harad, although I haven't made my mind up fully yet.

The rear view.
Right,  hopefully I will finally shake this damn 'flu and be able to do something more productive this weekend.


  1. are you serious? the wharehouse? how can you tell that the figures are the right size? do you carry one correct scale one with you?
    they look very good, I can imagine they would pass for some russians as well as many other groups, very nice. well I cannot wait till I go to the wharehouse next! I can imagine that the cost of those figures will be less

    1. Yep, The Warehouse used to stock these guys - about 20 or so figures in a box with some accessories - for NZ$5. Some other stores occasionally carried the range too - but sold them at the NZ$10 mark.
      Of course that was back in around 2002-2003. The toy soldiers sold by The Warehouse currently are much larger than 20mm. I believe that this is conform with child safety regulations - the bigger pieces are less of a choking hazard.

      As for telling if figures are the right size or not, I guess I have been doing this for so long that I can do it by eye.

      I think converting these figures to be Russians would be difficult,as the webbing, helmet, body armour, and weapon are quite different from Soviet or current Russian issue. Actually, many of the weapons look more like sticks in this batch. That being said, part of the fun of converting things is looking at stuff and imagining what you can change them to be...