Tuesday 19 March 2013

Wartime Miniatures - Modern Australians.

Sometimes I get very tempted by metal figures......

At the beginning of last December I purchased some figures from Wartime Miniatures and was intending to post them up on the blog once they had arrived. They arrived very quickly and the customer service was outstanding. One of the figure packs I had ordered was out of stock (Civ02 Male Afghan Civilians), but they added in two figures from the pack at no cost, and refunded me the cost of the pack.

Civ03: Afghan Trader and goods.

Civ03 Female Civilians in Bhurka.

The free male Afghan civilians.
The Afghani civilians will be useful  as Haradi civilians, but I plan to try and paint up the Modern Australians as New Zealanders. While the figures do have the wrong webbing and the placement of equipment is not quite right, I think they will serve as a good basis for conversion.

MA10 Australian Infantry section.

MA12 Australian MST.

MA13 Australian MST Support Weapons.

MA11 Australian Specialists.
So having taken three months to post these figures, I still haven't put any paint on them - sadly that is not even close to being a record for the lag between purchase and painting!


  1. Nice looking figures. How do they look alongside the plastics?

    1. Not bad, but still noticeably chunky than plastic figures, although not to the same degree as Britannia figures.

  2. They do look very nice.
    I have looked at War Time stuff several times in the past, especially the modern Russians. Maybe I'll buy some eventually as well.

    1. Their other ranges are quite tempting, although I should paint up these ones first!

  3. nice looking figs... and if you are going to make them into Kiwi's... they look 1000x better. (yes I know my loyalties as a NZ resident).

    I keep looking at these metal companies, I must get some eventually. but like Ben I think I'll get some Russians.

    1. Metal figures are quite useful in filling out the gaps in plastic figure ranges, although I suspect that the new Zvezda moderns range of Cold war Soviets w3ill have lots of useful items.