Sunday 12 January 2014

Getting Organised.

I had Obsidian Portal recommended as a planning tool for organizing my Harad campaign setting. I have had a quick play with it and it seems to do the job. Click here to see my efforts so far.

And now for a couple of pictures....


A container of Furniture from Korea

A Haradian Cafe

Construction site for the new Sports stadium

The local Police Station

Burnt out Hum Vee.

Burnt out cars.

Close up view.


Satellite Dish.

Building on the table.
A while ago I took these pictures of  some of the terrain I have for use in Harad. I figured now was a good time to post them.


  1. A middle eastern eye fest Brian. Lots of great scenery here and ideas as well.

    Great post!

    1. Thanks Paul! Frank and I built this in about 2007. We sat down and converted lots of empty tea boxes into nice buildings.

  2. I like a lot ! very imaginative and well done !
    The Construction site is one my preferred one : I like the use of what seems to be toys for doing the setting !

    1. Thanks Sam! The construction site is still to be finished as the diecasts still look like toy! I use a number of converted diecast toys in my gaming as they are cheap and can be made to look quite good with a minimum of effort.

  3. yeah, great collection of scenery mate

    1. Thanks Al! I still have to add some more structures to get the right mix of buildings. The next lot I build will be more CD friendly.

  4. I endorse the others' comments, having seen the buildings and other features close up (except for the construction site). I've had a look around the Obsidian Portal thing, but not quite sure how it all works. But it is clear we'll have to enlarge upon and fill in the rather empty political map we have already devised. I recall your showing me a good deal of it but that was already a while ago.

    Meanwhile, I'll have a think about some of the dramatis personae and back history of Tchagai to build up that area of the ... campaign?

    1. Thanks Ion, I do need to have a yarn with you about a few gaming projects soon.