Wednesday 12 February 2014

Two Dozen Reinforcements.

Recently I purchased online a quantity of cheap plastic tanks of the type often found in sets of plastic toy soldiers.
I purchased six bags like this. 
 Based on the pictures I thought these might be knock offs of the plastic knockoffs of Matchbox Battle Kings. While the Chieftain turret is extremely similar, the hull is quite different. My belief is that these are inspired by the knockoffs, rather than copies of them.

12 Chieftain like tanks, and 12 M-47/48 like tanks.
 Still, these are very useful, although they will require some work to bring them up to standard.

Sorted by colour and markings

Another view.
 Of course having this many means that I can think seriously about making some specialist conversions using some of their hulls. The turrets could then be used for other purposes.

Moving down the line.
Time for some heavy metal scenarios.....


  1. Really looking forward to seeing what you can do with these. They are cheap as chips even in Sweden and if they can be msde to look decent, I might have to get a bunch.

    1. My plan is to add plastic side skirts to disguise the way the track disappears at an odd angle, and to add on stowage, .50 cal HMGs, aerials, plastic card at the front and rear of the hulls, and add hatch covers to the turrets. The odd road wheel arrangement I plan on leaving as you tend not to notice when playing.