Wednesday 15 October 2014

Loot from Kapiti

Last weekend I took the opportunity to go to the Kapiti Wargaming Club Annual Bring and Buy (click here for details), and met some very nice people. Everyone I spoke to was friendly and very helpful. So I thoroughly recommend attending any of their events if you get the opportunity!

All in a purpose designed cardboard box too!

I also took the opportunity to acquire a rather nice piece of terrain - a pre-painted set of resin dungeon building pieces that can be used for a variety of purposes other than making mazes, but are pretty damn cool!

All the pieces minus the connectors were there.

Naturally, upon return to Palmerston North, I had to get it out and play with it and see how it all connected together.

A large chunk of it laid out together
 The set comes with a booklet of sample layouts that look interesting, but are more geared towards dungeon delving RPGs than for wargaming scenarios. That being said, I do have a couple of ideas on how to employ this rather nice set of terrain.

Top left, one of the two polystyrene trays the pieces go in.

Close up of the pieces.
 I also purchased a number of GW Night Goblins that I plan to use as part of my 20mm Fantasy project. This does feed into one of the ideas I have on using this terrain.

And a resin gun emplacement too.
I also picked up a very nice resin gun emplacement with cast on wicker gabion detailing. It had been designed for use with 25/28mm figures judging from the barrels, but once they are removed and a few other tweaks occur, it should be a very nice 20mm piece for use in 18th century games.

Close up of the emplacement. I have plans for this piece...
Last week also saw the arrival of  some purchases I made over the internet. I bought some 1/144 scale Mig 21s and two packets of the Ultima Ratio Mujahidins (Click here for the PSR review)

Loot unpacked.

Bag inside the box - Three sprues per box.
So I have more stuff to paint, and hopefully I can organise a game of something soon and post an AAR!


  1. Those Ultima-Ratio figs? Are they worth it?

    1. I think so. They are nice figures and with work well with both the Caesar and Mars sets. As soon as I paint some I will post them on the blog.

  2. Score!!!

    Nice haul Brian. Good find on the Fishbeds and especially the new troops.

    1. Thanks Paul - You can never have too many MiG-21s!

  3. "A Fist Full of Plastic" has been included in our Sites To See #410. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

    1. Thanks Jerry!
      I have had a look at your "Sites To See" series on your blog and I must say that it an honour to be included amongst such a collection of fine blogs!

  4. The maze stuff would be ideal trench system interiors. Use heavy foam or styrofoam blocks to rasie the surrounding ground level and voila! Defences worthy of a siege or set piece.
    Maginot Kyle