Monday 16 February 2015

WIP Cardboard M-113

Cardboard and resin M-113
Many years ago I purchased a pdf of a 172 scale M113 from Paper Tiger Armaments. Naturally, after printing it out, I did absolutely nothing with it. Frank, on the other hand was inspired to make his own cardboard M-113s for his cultist army.

The soft cardboard underbelly of the beast.
I obtained three of his surplus hulls early last year with a view to figuring out a way of making some quick and dirty wheel and track assemblies to use on them. I figured the easiest way of making the assemblies was to create a one piece resin assembly.

A coat of paint and some stowage will make it look better!

Once I made the wheel assembly, I then glued it to the hull and repeated the process on the other side. I then put a black undercoat on the assemblies, and then started putting some Sand grey primer on one side of the model.

Undercoated track and wheel assembly.

Dry brush of sand grey primer over the track and wheel assembly.
So with a little more work, I can finish this model off, repeat the process another two times, and chalk up another project as being finished off.


  1. Good skills Brian. Tonights model mystery Monday may be of interest to you...Once posted of course!

  2. Yep, very cool. Scratch building is never easy :)

    1. Thanks Al! I agree, but it is nice when it all come together.

    2. Sigh, and when you can actually put a 's' on a word too.....