Sunday 6 March 2016

Additions to Volley and Bayonet Terrain

Since my last post I've made a few additions to my V&B collection. Some of this has been fast tracked by the refurbishment of some odds and ends from Steve, the refurbishment of painted Airfix figures from Glenn, and the adaption of some buildings Ken gave me into V&B Built Up Areas (BUAs). This post will deal with the terrain, while the next will deal with the figures.

The Mill (a single BUA) and the Estate (a double BUA).
 The kits used were a HO scale Water Mill kit (Manufacturer unknown), parts from the Airfix Waterloo farm house, and houses from the Nitto house and lookout kit.

Like the rest of the V&B BUAs I've made part of them removable in order to house stands of troops.
I've acquired another second hand Waterloo farm house kit from Glenn, that I am hoping to convert into generic housing BUAs. At some stage I will need to think about how I can make villages in V&B as they have a template size of 3" by 2" (or roughly 76mm by 47mm), and need to  have space for a 1.5"  (or 38mm) square base of troops to occupy it.

The Mill has a removable waterwheel.
 The trick will be to make something that is functional, but also looks ok. Especially that this might be the correct template to represent key locations of terrain on many Napoleonic battlefields.

Like so.
 The Mill can be placed next to a river or stream and have its wheel deployed, or be used as a generic BUA without it.By having the wheel as a separate piece, I can increase the utility of the BUA, and make it easier to store.

Which can be safely stored away.
 I still have to finish off all the BUAs used in the last game, so hopefully once I've completed those I can start working on the smaller village BUAs.


  1. Useful pieces. I especially like the mill - a character piece.

    1. Thanks Ion,
      I rather like it too! Or course I want to make some windmills (that have lift out sections on the BUA template) at some stage.

  2. Very nice and quite universal.

    1. Thanks Umpapa!
      I've added your blog to my reading list - you have some amazing stuff there!