Wednesday 22 September 2021

More 1815 Dutch Militia

I have now completed both D'Hauw's 1st/1st Netherland Brigade and De Eerens' 2nd/1st Netherland Brigade both of which form part of II Corps st Netherlands Division.

Both brigades side by side

In my last post regarding painting and basing Dutch Militia, I mentioned that the metal figures I was using purchased from eBay from a seller who had them listed as manufacturer unknown.

Rated as poorly trained with low morale they hopefully will have lucky dice

Fortunately a number of readers (Doug - from Doug's Soldiers blog, Archduke Piccolo -from Archduke Piccolo blog, and two anonymous commenters) were able to identify the figures as Warrior Miniatures 25mm Napoleonics, and part of their Spanish range (click here for more details).

The flag is pure conjecture

As these are smaller 25mm figures they do seem to work well with the rest of my Napoleonic collection which is primarily 1/72 plastic. They also seem to work with other figures....

Silver bayonet anyone?


  1. Very nice painting! And thanks for the nod!

    1. Thanks Doug! I really enjoyed painting them:) As for the nod - no problem!!

  2. Lovely painting of fine figures. Spanish as Dutch militia (obviously) works really well. I really enjoy mixing in true 25 mm figs with 1/72. Must see if I can pick up some Warrior figures sometime. They look great each time I have seen them.
    Regards, James

    1. Thanks James for your kind words:) I think I might hae to get some more of them as well:)