Tuesday 11 January 2022

Unknown Metal Figures - Help needed

 Recently I purchased a bulk group of 25mm Science Fiction themed metal figures off eBay. Currently they are sitting happily in Pennsylvania as as the time of writing there is no regular mail service between the USA and NZ. 

This means that I am relying on pictures alone to identify the figures and don't currently have any idea of what codes could be on the base of the figures. Fortunately the internet has been useful in identifying quite a few of the figures.

125 Old school metal figures

I have managed to identify a number of the figures as being from the following ranges:

However, a number of figures allude my identification so I am hoping that if I post pictures of the mystery figures with a nice red ring around them, readers might be able to assist with identification.

Unknown Set A 

Figure A1 Soldier in green fatigues?
Figure A2 Large Robot. Update: It could be Garrison Miniatures Star Troopers range ST12 Humanoid Robot
Figure A3 Spacer in blue jumpsuit. Update: It could be GG-20 Mercenary, Standing w. Assault Rifle from the Ral Partha Galactic Grenadiers range.

Unknown Set B

Figure B1 Not James Bond type?
Figure B2 Kneeling Sniper?

Unknown Set C

Figure C1 Agent with pistol and cane?

Unknown Set D

Figure D1 Vampire slayer with  wooden stake?

Unknown Set E

Figure E1 Knight or Robot with dual swords?

Unknown Set F

Figure F1 Large Robot. Update: It could be Garrison Miniatures Star Troopers range ST12 Humanoid Robot
Figure F2 Large Robot.  Update: It could be Garrison Miniatures Star Troopers range  ST1 Trooper in Powered Battle Armor with Missile Launcher

Note that both figures are missing their weapons

Unknown Set G

Figure G1 Man in Cowboy hat with SMG?
Figure G2  Soldier in green fatigues?

Unknown Set H - Woman with RPG on cast hexagonal base

Figure H1 Woman with RPG on cast hexagonal base?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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