Tuesday 8 February 2022

More Figures for Duke, Elector, King

 As a means of avoiding painting up more figures for my V&B 100 Days Campaign, I have continued to produce V&B stands for use with Duke, Elector, King (DEK).

Blue coats and yellow facings inspired by the box art of the Airfix Washington's Army set

The figures used are primarily from the Airfix British Grenadiers set (PSR review here). The blue coated ones had previously been painted in an attempt to represent grenadiers from Napoleon's Imperial Guard. The quality of the paint conversions ranged from bad to ok in quality, so I decided to repaint them as generic 18th Century Fusiliers with blue coats and a variety of facing colours.

At this stage I am leaving the flag as a plain block colour

Rear quarters view from the front

The process involved painting out detail such as splashes of red paint on the shoulders to represent epaulettes, repainting details such as white belts, and touching up missing paint from coats, muskets and bearskin hats. 

I kept the red facings for this stand

I also took the opportunity to base up some skirmish stands in order to use up painted figures that I hadn't been able to justify using on regimental stands as either they were left overs from creating a previous stand, or to use them would require me to paint additional figures in the same paint scheme

A mix of Airfix and Atlantic figures

The first of these skirmish stands has been painted and based in a similar style to the first of the fusilier stands above. The prone musketeer is from the Airfix Washington's Army set, while the kneeling rifleman is from the Atlantic Davey Crockett set (PSR review here). 

The view from the rear

The second stand consisted of to figures that I painted up, but didn't use in the production of my first stand for DEK (click here for details). It also gave me the opportunity to use more of the autumn leave flock that I like!

The third skirmish stand consists of three of the Airfix British Grenadier figures painted with forest green coats and trousers with green facings.  The webbing and pouches have all been painted black. The paint job on these three figures had largely flaked off so it had to be entirely redone.

A trio of not riflemen

The green coats and trousers, coupled with the black leather equipment, makes me think of British Riflemen of the Napoleonic Wars. I suspect that AWI British Legion units may also have been an source of inspiration for the original painter.

The black works well with the green

The final group of figures painted and based up is the last of my Lucky Products Hessians that I started painting back in 2013. The first group I painted up as Grenadiers of the Hesse-Cassel Regiment Von Rall (click here for details).

Lucky Products AWI Hessians

This group I decided to paint up in a similar style but without the stripped mattress ticking breeches of the previous group. I did decide to paint the drummer in reverse colours though. While Hessian troops of the AWI didn't have their musicians in reversed colours, I felt that it would be quite pleasing for an imagi-nation force.

While not the prettiest of sculpts, they do have a certain charm

If I ever get more of the Lucky Products Hessians I would be tempted to paint them as 18th Century Persian or other eastern, troops as the mitre of the Lucky Products figures would lend itself to a paint conversion to other similar conical headgear.

The entire group (almost) 

I still have some additional stands to repaint - both blue and green coated regiments - and once they are completed I can start work on painting tricorn infantry stands.


  1. Hi Brian -
    I do like those skirmisher guys, especially the ones swishing through piles of autumn leaves. You have made a pose I rather dislike into something that looks pretty good!

    Meanwhile, I have off and on been working on my own Airfix figures building a fourth Imagi-Nation to go with Emperor, King and Grand Duke... It was going to be Batty Taylor's Herzogtum von Rechburg, but Paul Jackson is doing that one, so it will be something else. Hope Hopkins's 'Kravonia' comes to mind, but I'll probably give it some other name...

  2. Thanks Ion!
    The autumn skirmish stand is one I am quite pleased with!
    I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with -
    particularly if you create flags to go with your latest imagi-nation!

    1. Oh, those flags (for infantry at any rate) have already been created! Some years ago. They just needed a couple more units to go under them! I'll see if I can't find a pic and send it via facebook. Or something.

  3. Blue and yellow.....always a good combination.
    I intend to use it for the Grand Duchy of Waldow (Upper and Lower Waldow).

    1. That sounds really good Neil! I look forward to seeing them!