Wednesday 6 April 2022

IHMN Dreadful Fighting Monks

 As a slow burner project I have been creating small groups of figures for use in games of In Her Majesty's Name (IHMN). One of the forces that I have recently created is a group of monks loosely based around the Dread Monk list in one of the IHMN supplements. 

A dreadful bunch of mele armed clerics.

The rank and file monks are from Red Box Set 72086 Russian War Monks (click here for the PSR review). The Abbot (centre wearing the skull mask) is from Caesar Miniatures Fantasy set 103 - Undead (click here for the PSR review) and seems to have a suitable air of authority.

Abbot with firelock armed monks.

The war monk figures could also work as cultists (click here and here for my IHMN Cultists), but the Dread Monk list offers a different range of challenges to the cultist list. Besides, having both forces allows the possibility of having scenarios that pit Dread Monks versus Cultists!

The complete group so far - an abomination of monks!

In addition to the monks I decided to base up a couple of mummies that I had lurking around, as I figured that they might prove useful at some stage. Additionally I hope to be able to use them with The Silver Bayonet.

The three plastic Mummies in the rear of the picture are from the set of pieces provided for the Egyptian faction in the Eagle Games board game  Age of Mythology (click here for further information from PSR), while the mummy without headgear is a metal figure from Elhiem Figures.

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