Thursday 16 February 2012

Summer Anti Nod Offensive Pt. 2.

 Continuing the AAR from last post, here is some more from last saturday's game with Frank. Both sides were Troop Quality: Experienced, Morale: 10. The HNG were made up of the following units:

Armoured Brigade 
Brigade Headquarters Company w/
1 Command stand
1 Staff radio stand
1 command car
1 landrover
2x ambulances
Khand M113s and 105mm artillery - Guns are Britannia, and M113s are Esci. Frank normally fields these as GDI. Noddist Hordes don't have TOEs.....
 The reinforced tank regiment was the main teeth element on the table, consisting of:
Reinforced Tank Regiment
Regt. HQ w/
1 Command M-48 tank
1 Recon M-48 tank

4x Tank Companies each w/
     1 Command M-48 tank
     2x M-48 tanks

1x Heavy Tank Company w/
     1 Command Chieftain tank
     4x Chieftain tanks.
HNG infantry ride M-48s into battle. tanks are Airfix attack Force, and infantry are Esci Vietnam War Americans.
 Screening the Brigades advance was an Armoured Recon Regiment, consisting of nine Saladin armoured cars, divided into three separate companies.  The infantry element consisted of a battalion made up of three rifle companies, a motorised heavy weapons company, and the headquarters company. Normally I would give more detail on the infantry, but this game was about the tanks.... As such, the TOE used was very unbalanced and poorly thought out, almost as though it was an attempt to field lots of tanks in a game.

The first turn saw both armies moving towards Dun Masud. Nod armour surged through the woods to meet the HNG advance, and HNG recon elements entered Dun Masud. On the other flank, Khand APCs raced towards Dun Masud, while a light company of Khand T-72s moved to counter a HNG armour group.
Nod T-72s and T-55s advance to firing positions at the edge of the woods.

Nod armour in the woods, while Khand armour advances on the other flank.

The first miscalculation of the day. These are Chieftains, not M-48s. This will become an important distinction.

HNG forces move along the highway and the woods towards Dun Masud.

HNG recon elements enter Dun Masud to the joy of the locals.

HNG M-48s advance towards the woods near Dun Masud. This model is an old Esci kit, that was acquired lacking most of its road wheels. These were replaced with Fimo and misc. plastic parts. The burnt out cars are plastic cereal box give aways from the 1970s.

The mosque on the summit at Dun Masud. This would be the scene of much heavy fighting.

Noddist Artillery. I didn't field any. I later regretted this. The support vehicles for my 155mm SPGs are under construction as I now have paperclips.

Khandist APCs on the advance. Advancing to what they think are M-48s that the light company of T-72s are going to deal with.

HNG Field Headquarters.
More HNG on the advance.

The weapons company dismounts its TOWs and the 105RR.

The advance starts to meet Noddist fire from the woods.

Knocked out M-48 and destroyed recon Saladins.
The exchange of fire between the two sides was not entirely one sided. Three platoons of Nod T-55s were knocked out.
 The Nod armour in the woods was only saved by the presence of a light company of T-72s. Due to a combination of errors, these T-72s were given an extremely high armour value of 52. This was to result in  the second miscalculation of the day. More to follow in next post.


  1. I think you need more table!

    1. Yes! But I have a plan - it involves getting two cheap trestle tables and using both as the gaming area.

  2. Nice reporting and great eye candy!

    1. Frank's stuff is amazing. Gaming with him forced me to lift my game regarding painting.

  3. Nice kit mate. Exp M10! I'm guessing morale didn't play much of a part then eh?

    1. Nope. Lots of morale fails in the Dun Masud fighting, where units were getting the -1 for infantry within 10", and -2 for armour within 10", let alone the -1 per stand hit that turn. Even with ML 10 and +2 for cover, units were still getting pinned, forced back, ML-1 results. Dun Masud was a meatgrinder!