Wednesday 15 February 2012

Summer Anti Nod Offensive 1987 Pt. 1

I decided that I needed to play a nice heavy metal scenario with some of the armour that I had been painting up. To give the game some context, I decided that it would form part of the Harad National Guard's attempt to clear Nod forces out of the Gogol Pass, and gain control of the settlements of Dun Masud, and Turab. Success would mean that HNG forces controled an important sector of the Umbar Highway.
Settlements from left to right: Safaq, Dun Masud, and Turab. Dun Masud sits on the edge of the Gogol Pass.

 For rules and statistics, David Makin's conversion of 'Combined Arms' for CD3 Moderns were used. Frank supplied the Noddist forces, while I provided the HNG. This was the most armour heavy moderns game we had played, so it was going to be interesting. The victory condition for both sides was to either drive the other off the board, or failing that - seize and hold Dun Masud. This was not a detailed scenario - rather it was a "we haven't gamed for a while, and using lots of tanks would be cool" type of game.

HNG armour at Safaq. M-48s are mainly Airfix, with two Matchbox Battle Kings.
Dun Masud and the Gogol pass.
 Frank also supplied the urban templates, while I proved the palm trees! Terrain was placed in order to give some cover for, and from, the armoured units involved. The majority of these trees are the GW Jungle Trees that came as part of the 40K 3rd edition set. They were cast in a hideous green and a so-so brown, and were disliked by the majority of 40K players I knew at the time. I saw the potential for use as terrain in 20mm, and so acquired as many as I could. When they were later sold separately, I bought some more.

Trees, by Games Workshop.

More Trees, including a trunk shot of my 'Christmas' Palms.

More 'Christmas' Palms. These were made from the branches of an old artificial Christmas tree. Much mess was involved and the project will not be repeated. The green outcuts went everywhere....
Another view of the HNG build up at Safaq.

HNG Chieftains. Models are three HK knock offs, one Battle King, and one Airfix model.
Nod forces (Blue Grey) supported by Khand Separatists (Sand and Tan).
Nod Infantry. Figures are Orion Modern Russian Federals. The light trucks are repainted toy diecasts.

The Noddist Horde. Frank has modeled his Nod forces along the lines of a Soviet Motor Rifle Regiment, as outlined in Combined Arms. Frank can be seen in the background trying to fix his Hind for the game.
More Nod equipment. T-55 with additional spaced armour, ZU 23-2, and a 120mm mortar. 

Nod Motor Rifleman enjoy some prebattle refreshment.
HNG Ambulances wait near Safaq.

HNG headquarters near Safaq.

A HNG Armoured Car Recon Company.
 Blogger is being special with letting me upload pictures, but I have quite a few more of the game yet to post. I took 158 photos, and of that quite a few are actually in focus! Frank's Nod stuff is very pretty and I do have more pictures of his stuff to put up. Thanks again to those who are taking the time to look at this stuff. The big Harad campaign I have posted about earlier is slowly getting to the start point, and will begin after I have produced all the needed paperwork.


  1. Looks pretty impressive! Can't wait to see how the battle goes!

  2. I Like the trees, can imagine the mess, you have to cut-back to the short brown ones don't you? I'm going to have a go...outside!


    1. That's the idea - trim the truck down and paint brown. The offcuts went everywhere - I was finding them for days afterward, despite the intensive vacuuming undertaken to solve the problem. Outside is definitely the smart option.

  3. Looks impressive and exciting already! Just a tiddiest bit curious about the ambulances though... Red crosses? Methought red crescents might have been more likely (sorry -having a Sheldon Cooper moment, here).

    I do believe, though, that after this action, both the HNG and the NOD forces will be find their military inventories sharply diminished. Not a bad generating circumstance for other factions to gain momentum...

    Looking forward to your next posting, Brian -

    1. Why yes Ion, there was a marked reduction in both sides inventories after this battle. Didn't field all the armour I was planning to though, on grounds of sanity...

  4. It looks like a great battle took place, can't wait to see the rest of it. I love the mix of vehicles you use here, very 3rd world looking but imposing none the less.

  5. Holy Cow, blooming nice set up.

    I had the same idea about the Xmas trees about a month ago and got the same result with the mess. My production ended after one tree, and like yourself I will not be repeating it!

    What make are those diecast M525 US trucks, the shape of them is spot on, with a wheel swap they would be just what I am looking for.

    More please!

    1. Frank's trucks are a mix of toy trucks purchased in 2008ish at Northlands Countdown, and some from a pack of diecast army toys from Tower Junction Toy World. We treat these diecasts as light trucks under CD3. Hunting for diecasts suitable for trucks and technicals is something I am always doing. The trucks Frank used here still occasionally appear as part of Police and Fire sets sold in Countdown supermarkets here in Christchurch.

    2. Cheers for the heads up!