Wednesday 25 January 2012

The Mighty Antar Pt.2

So  I've finally done some more work on the Airfix Antar tank transporter. I have given it the now customary coat of Vallejo Iraqi Sand, and painted the tyres with GW Chaos Black. I still have to do some finishing work on the headlights, put on some unit/tactical markings to improve its table candy value, but it is at a stage where I can put it on the table. I now have to make a support stand of mechanics to assist with vehicle recovery.
The Airfix Antar and a 1/72 Petrol Tanker and Trailer.
A nice view of the Antar's flatbed.
The Antar's cab. Headlights need painting...
Guess which one is the dodgy scratchbuilt replacement.
 The scratchbuilt ramp is functional, but I still need to make it look more like a dodgy field repair. My thinking is that since I can't make it look identical to the original part, I should try and make it a feature of the vehicle that adds character. I guess to put it in WH40K terms, I want it to look more orky...

The second of my Battle King 155mm SPGs has also been given a coating of Iraqi Sand, and had its stowage repainted. I'm still debating how to made the spades for both in an easy, but convincing manner. For the time being I will use them without, but I certainly will revisit putting spades on.
SPG on ramp.
SPG on Flatbed.
Stowage and Cammo netting.
 The cammo netting is mutton cloth that was painted black and dry brushed with various shades of green enamel paints many moons ago. For this repaint I simply dry bushed on various shades of brown acrylic paint.
Another view of the SPG on the Antar.
And a view from above.
Antar from above with empty flatbed.
And a closer view of the flatbed.
The view from the ramps.

 Since I have been gathering up lots of armoured units for my Harad game, I have also been trawling through the hoard for fuel tankers. So far I have found a few modern Shell tankers in 1/72 scale which I am debating leaving in their civilian colours and just weathering a little, or giving them a full repaint in Haradi Sand.

Tanker trailer combo. Maker unknown.
The trailer is quite a nice little unit.
Two more tankers in 1/72 scale. Maker unknown. Alas, no trailers..
 Fortunately, I still have plenty of teeth units to paint before I need to start repainted tanker trucks. I also need to make sure that my adaption of the fuel consumption rules from Twilight 2000 are both playable and realistic. After all, surely part of the fun of a campaign is running out of fuel.


  1. You could just make another ramp the same way?
    Just a thought....looks good as is though.

  2. You could still paint a dark panel and cross hatch in Iraqi sand so that it has the look of a bodge field job, but using something vaguely resembling the factory ramp on the other wing.

    As for the fuel tankers, as I understand the situation - an empire fragmenting - the Harad Imperial Army will have its integral tankers, all right, but other groups will no doubt scrounge around civilian vehicles to fulfil their POL needs. You might need to extend your collection. ...Or not, if you are looking for a lot of contention for very slender resources.


  3. This is a cool idea, Lets show us what you can make out of these tankers!