Thursday 19 January 2012

More vehicles for Harad WIP

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I am still continuing work on building up forces for the Harad project. The vehicles getting undercoated with primer are some Airfix Attack Force Centurions, an Airfix Model Centurion, an Airfix Model Chieftain, and a Matchbox Battle King 155mm SPG.
Three Airfix Attack Force Centurions with added plastic card, with Airfix Chieftain.

Attack force Centurion, Battle King SPG, and Airfix Model Centurion.
 The Airfix model Centurion, and Cheiftain, are amongst the most traveled models in my collection. My wife purchased them on Norfolk Island in 2008, gave them to me as part of a Christmas gift in Pennsylvania, I assembled them in Lower Hutt, in 2009, and am finally painting them in Christchurch in early 2012. This is fairly typical timeline of model construction for me!
Airfix Chieftain kit. Soon to be painted!
Airfix Chieftain. Missing a hatch from its long travels.

Look, more plastic card! 155mm SPG lurks in the background.

At some stage the barrel broke and was replaced by sprue.
More information on the Battle King 155mm SPG is available in this earlier post. This particular example is one of my childhood toys, which has lost its original tracks and had its gun broken in the distant past. It was rebuilt for use as a M107 SPG for a wargame that I ran as part of my high school History Class. The crudely painted British artillery tactical sign was done in imitation of the original sticker markings supplied on the diecast. Very odd given it's a French vehicle.

And undercoated ....lightly as the can ran out of paint!
Guess these need more undercoat!
 So more painting and posting to happen soon. Currently I am rereading 3rd edition Harpoon rules and thinking about what cruel fate awaits the Imperial Haradian Navy.


  1. Beautifull! You are lucky to find the Airfix Centurions. I wish some company made a low priced kit of one, seems like a popular enough vehicle, I had to resort to M-60s and M-48s for my Israelis. Your tanks look good so far I look forward to seeing them on the table. Ben
    By the way I added your blog to my page.

  2. Nice, a couple of absolute classics

  3. Brian - I think I might have something that you might prefer for the gun barrel for your SP artillery. You're welcome to inspect. I think it's a 152mm gun from a Soviet ISU vehicle - huge bally thing.

    It is all looking pretty warm in Harad, methinx, and like to get warmer. Damn' intriguing. The World is watching...

  4. @Ben: Welcome aboard! - There is some great stuff on your blog too!

    @Ion: We should catch up at some stage...

  5. Good progress on these brutes. The undercoat layer looks good enough to me!

    1. I recoated them today with the M-48s. I now have a large pile of tanks requiring work...