Monday 23 January 2012

TOW Stands

I thought I would quickly post a couple of completed stands, since I have been posting mainly works in progress, and Star Wars stuff recently. A couple of years back I purchased through an internet auction site, a number of metal 20mm moderns figures. Amongst these figures was a TOW section consisting of the launcher and tripod, and three crew. One was kneeling down, while the other two were carrying reloads.
Metal figures, maker unknown, and TOW launcher.
So I made up a TOW stand with two of the figures, and put the spare reloader in the bits box for future use. I used a 20mm x 30mm stand to base them, as I intended to make it possible for it to be a double size stand in CD 3 terms, but also to have enough room to fit the tripod and crew on the base.
Spare gunner and reloader on left. Makers unknown.

 Some time later, I remembered that I had an orphan metal WW2 US gun crew figure in the bits box, so I thought that they could be turned into another TOW stand. All that remained was to construct a tripod out of sprue, and an optics/control unit out of plastic card. So when I was thinking recently about what anti tank weapons were in use in Harad, I thought about making up another TOW stand.

Sprue and plastic card can make all sorts of stuff,
Another view of the original TOW stand, soon to be washed and flocked.
Making the launcher was quite straight forward as it is essentially a squat trip made of sprue legs with some attached pieces of plastic card. Both stands have been painted in the olive drab that I am using as uniform of the pre civil war Haradi military. While in the photo the first TOW crew looks very green, a wash has toned that down somewhat. I am quite looking forward to seeing these stands fielded in a game against some of the armour that I have been painting up.
Haradi TOW stand. Background, Airfix Attack Force Centurion Tanks.
Another view of the washed and flocked stand.
The extra TOW stand is finished.
 Thanks again for taking the time to view my work!


  1. This is blooming good, and what I am always looking for in a blog post.

    I think I will have a go at this shortly having seen this.

    Ten out of ten.

  2. Seems fair enough, especially given that I had your blog inspire me to create my Sagger stands!

  3. Even then! I had a look at the HK/China Centurions and can send you a photo if you want.

    I think they are rubbish but if you want to have a look, post a comment on my blog with your email addy. (I will not post it to the public.)

    Cheers Paul