Friday 13 January 2012

Star Wars Decision Units - Imperial Stormtroopers.

Currently I am working away producing paperwork for the Harad campaign, I have quite a bit organised but still have quite a bit left to do. I thought that I really should make a post, given all the great stuff being produced by other people, and as the Star Wars stuff seems to be popular I thought I would do some of that.
Micro Machines Stormtroopers, and two Ertl AT-ATs.
Two Revell Stormtroopers from the Shuttle model kit,  I was given these two guys are from Glenn.
Dead Stormtroopers. These figures were part of the Imperial Forces gift set.
The AT-ATs need to have their paint jobs finished, so far it has only taken 14 or so years to get them to this point. I have opted to use a smaller scale AT-AT as a 1/72 scale one would be huge. Wizards of the Coast produced one for their 28mm figures that was fairly close in size and it's huge! The Stormtroopers were used without basing when I played  Star Wars Miniature Battles by West End Games. A nice system, but not quite what I wanted.
Revell Stormtroopers. I have a plan for these figures...
One of these guys seems a little short to be Stormtrooper!

 The plan is now to base up the Stormtroopers and finish painting the AT-ATs. I have always thought Stormtroopers looked cool so I snapped them up whenever I had the opportunity to do so. The Micro Machines range of Star Wars figures is simply brilliant.

Micro Machine Stormtroopers with Heavy Blasters.

A group shot with AT-ATs in the back.

Underscale but still quite large.
Of course, every force needs a Reconnaissance element, and for the Stormtroopers is is carried out by the aptly named Scout Troopers. While a set of Scout Troopers were produced as part of the Micro Machine Range, they never made to NZ, and when they turn up on internet auction sites they tend to be quite expensive, as are sets of the Rebel Endor Commandos, and Naboo Security. Fortunately, Scout Troopers on Jet Bikes were made as part of one of the vehicle sets, and a single foot figure was produced as part of the Mini Head range.

Jet Bikes! Best not used in forests.
The Jet Bikes are a bit like technicals - Fast and Fragile!
A Group Shot. Foot Figures will be based as Patrol Stands.
Since it seemed a little more practical, and they were readily available, I obtained a couple of the Action Fleet AT-STs, as they seemed to be more in scale with the Micro machine figures I am using. Of course, if I am playing a game which has AT-ATs and AT-STs on the board at once, I use a smaller AT-ST models that are in scale to the AT-ATs.

Behold, the chicken walker legs!
No Wookies in here!
AT-ST officer figures. According to some sources, these guys often dismount to help direct fire.
And according to other sources, Stormtrooper officers wear black.
I really like the Micro Machines figures, but have generally been quite slack with finishing off projects with them. This year I will change that, even if it is to just post pictures of them. More Star Wars Micro Machines figures to follow.


  1. My congratulations Uncle Brain.
    Is the first time that I visit your blog and I must say that your work on Star Wars figurines give me a great inspiration

    Wonderful... Now I leave your blog and I go on Ebay to buy some micro machine!

  2. That looks like about a Division's worth of personnel and assets there in 'Command Decsion' terms - a pretty decent sized force. Impressive!

  3. @Sanguemarchio: welcome aboard, and thanks for the kind words!

    @Archduke: Yeah Ion, there is quite a few. Love the Vader quote too!

  4. Hi

    Sometimes one gets lucky. I got the Naboo Security figures in with a job lot. As you say the Endor strike teams comes at a premium. However I only found out about the Imperial Scout Troopers about 30 minutes ago!! Never seen them on e-bay. Always learning. If you are interested I have started a blog showing my collection at
    You are welcome to visit.

    1. I went and checked out your blog and am now following it. Well done on getting the Naboo Security team, as I would rate them as being the most difficult of the lot to get.

  5. Those guys on the left of the picture legended "Micro Machine Stormtroopers with Heavy Blasters" definitely look weird.

    I spent my whole childhood trying to figure out what they were doing, and ended up playing them as dying guys :)

    1. Hi Lulzor,
      Some of the Micro Machines figure poses were a bit weird - and that Stormtrooper pose is one of the worst ones - using them as dying guys is a good idea.

  6. The Revell AT-AT is more in scale with the Micromachine figures. The MPC/MAT/ERTL AT-ATs wind up around 1/100 or smaller while the Revell AT-AT is pretty much 1/72 like the micromachine figures

    1. Hi Anon!

      Yep, Revell AT-At is a lot closer to the true scale of the figures, but it would be significantly bigger. As I am using a ground scale (1/1800) that is very different from the figure scale, and it is an element based game (each model represents a platoon), I made the deliberate decision to use the ERTL/MPC AT-ATs as they as very much smaller - the figures with them are 6mm so I guess they are 1/300 scale.