Friday 20 January 2012

Gamorreans, Rebel Fleet Troopers, and Speeder Bikes

As I am meant to be doing something else, I decided to put up a few more pictures of Micro Machines. First up are Jabba the Hutt's Gamorrean guards. The Micro Machines range only produced two Gamorrean figures that I am aware of, one was produced as part of the mini head range (and is the figure next to the Action Fleet one on the right), and the other was supplied as part of the R2-D2 Jabba's palace playset - as was the Rancor below. (Figure is the Micro Machine with the tan base)
2 R. Clone Wars Risk pieces, Micro Machines Rancor, Action Fleet Gamorrean, 2 Micro Machines Gamorreans, more Risk pieces.
 The Risk pieces I got at the same time I acquired the Risk Clone Troopers. I had never seen the Risk Gamorreans before I obtained them, and had entertained hopes that they would be slightly larger. However, what they lack in terms of quality for my purposes, they have in quantity.
Lots and lots of Pigmen!
 I am tempted to build up a force of Gamorreans, using the Risk figures as, well, grunts, and the other larger figures as command figures. Of course, the bigger the figure, the more senior the rank. I am also tempted to name the commander Boss Hogg.
So the Action Fleet guy becomes the Boss Pig?
Now on to the Rebel Fleet Troopers. These were available as part of the range of figure sets produced by Micro Machines, and came with nine figures. Despite only appearing in the beginning of Star Wars, this small amount of screen time was built upon by various gaming systems, fan produced stuff, etc, until they were viewed as being the main ground forces of the Rebellion.
Rebel Fleet Troopers, with Speeder Bikes in background.
 The Speeder bike is the same as the one used by the Imperial Scout Troopers, and the Rebel rider is wearing the same uniform as the rest of the Rebel force that landed on a certain forest moon. Micro Machines did release a figure set of Endor Commandos, but these are starting to get quite scare and expensive on internet auction sites. Much like the Rebel Fleet Troopers, these were not released in NZ. Fortunately, all of the vehicle sets were, so I was able  to get the Rebel Speeder Bike.
These were released as part of Micro Machines vehicle sets.
A blurry picture showing all four poses.
 Right, off to do work, and paint tanks...


  1. Hey, any chance you'd like to part with some of those Risk pieces (for a price, of course)? I'd love to round out my X-wing ground forces with some chicken walkers and a few rancors, haha.

    1. Hi Wondergecko,
      I'm sure that I could spare some of the risk Gammoreans, and some Rancors as well. Unfortunately I don't have any of the Risk chicken walkers. Drop me a line in my most recent post and we can start to work things out from there.



    2. Did you ever get around to painting those Gammoreans?

    3. Nope, I got distracted by other things, and then I moved to a different city to start a new job, so I refocused my gaming towards other things. I really should though, as they are quite a nice figure, and I do have a number of them!