Friday 13 January 2012

Yet More Imperial Star Wars Stuff

Last post I put up pictures of AT-ATs and Stormtroopers, but not of Snowtroopers and AT-ATs. The below picture solves that problem. Using CD terms, an AT-AT stand is able to carry four stands. If I use CD, rather than Striker, I then only get to field one AT-AT, as only four are used. And of those four, two get destroyed.
Remember: Single Figure command stands ride for free!
Of course, the film doesn't show what Lord Vader is bringing down in the next wave.... Which could be even more AT-ATs! And now for another picture I should of posted last time, two Imperial Probe Droids, and an Action Fleet Wampa beast. The reason I should have posted this picture last time is that the Probe Droids, like the Scout Troopers, are a useful recon element.
But is my Wampa too big?
Of course, every force needs leadership. Micro Machines made a set of Imperial Officers, in addition to the various command figures available from various playsets.  Unlike the Scout Trooper, and  to a certain extent Stormtrooper sets, the Imperial Officer set can still be picked up at a reasonable price.

Two Revel Officers/Pilots from the shuttle kit. These guys were a gift from Glenn. In the background lurk some senior Imperial Officers.

The set also includes a figure who could be used as a trooper in the Imperial Army. Unfortunately, it is the only suitable Micro Machine figure for that I have seen. Although, I have been tempted to convert some other suitable figures from the MM Military range.

A better equipped officer - weapon and armour.
One of my favourite Micro Machine poses.

Left to right: Grand Adm. Thrawn, Admiral Daala, Grand Moff Tarkin, and unknown.

More Imperial Officers.
And some more.

Group shot. Everyone say Cheese!
 Micro Machines also released a set of Imperial Naval Troopers. These are quite nice figures and I applaud their use of the MG08/15! According to some sources these figures could also be used as Imperial Army Troopers, although in my opinion your mileage will vary...
Group shot of all nine figures in the set.
Yes, I know it's not a MG08/15, but it is bulky looking.
Ninja? or Death Star Gunner?
The top of the Chain of Command. The Emperor and Guards. I was given a third recently by Glenn.
Emperor/Sith figure.
....There are always two....
Darth Vader figures.... loads of them....
A close up of some...
And then the rest...
 Micro Machines also made figures for use as Imperial Pilots. A pair of sparring trainees were included in one playset.

Sparring Trainees. Imperial Flight School is more than just TIE Fighters.
 They also made a set of Imperial Pilots containing the usual nine figures. These are very nice figures, and such they are such small scale could probably be paint converted as AT-AT crew.

Imperial Pilots. Two sets are shown here.
They are very nice figures. The one on the left has all his paperwork.

Some more pilots.
 In other news work on Harad continues. I will post some more Harad stuff soon, but Star wars is always good filler.


  1. I've thought of a bunch of names for your Darth dudes (who surely even under CD constitute single-man stands). Here's the roll: Darth Asmuch, Darth Carnate, Darth Cline, Darth Dex, Darth Diaman, Darth Digo, Darth Fancy (one of the few female 'Darths'), Darth Flame, Darth Frared, Darth Kling, Darth Nate, Darth Sidious, Darth Spector, Darth Trepid, Darth Trigue, Darth Ure, Darth Vective, Darth Voke, Darth Ward.

    I know you won't use them, but I had a fun 5 minutes coming up with these... It's close to lunch time. Darth Anition is creeping up...


  2. @Archduke: And I had fun reading them! I always enjoy your comments!

  3. So much better than Star Trek!