Wednesday 10 October 2012

More trucks for Harad.

A collection of playworn diecast toys.

Recently I acquired a number of diecast vehicles that had seen much better days. The collection did include a   Matchbox Battle Kings Tank Transporter, which was the main reason for me acquiring the collection. I rather like the Battle Kings Tank Transporter, and I have already repainted one for service in Harad (details here), so I thought I would do the same with this one.

This is one of the later production battle kings as it is a more military green, and the  plastic parts are a more muted  colours such as black and grey.

The rerar wheels of the tractor unit are buckled and one of the exhausts has snapped off. Fortunately I still have the piece. 

The cab (and upper trailer deck) have been repainted a darker green. Nothing Simple Green can't solve.

This truck as been used by Matchbox as part of a freight set (with forklift) and as  an armoured car carrier.

Size comparison shot.
 The normal process of drilling out the rivets to seperate out the vehicle parts and give them a good clean, and soak in simple green (if required) was followed. but I didn't take any photos! I used pliers to straighten out the wire on the tractor rear wheels to unbuckle it, which was quite a simple operation.

The parts were sprayed primer grey, then painted over with Iraqi sand, and the reassembled and given a brown wash.

Both Tank Transporters side by side.

So I now have a heavy truck and another tank transporter to use in CD games set in Harad. I plan to recycle a few more vehicles from this diecast collection,then I will sell or trade the rest.


  1. Replies
    1. The package weighed 5kgs when it arrived in a cardboard back with no other packaging, so it is quite a bit of diecasty goodness!

  2. WOW I regret selling all my old die-cast cars, though I think I sent off the ones that were of little use to me, perhaps a few of my freinds will have some... try and get a few cars and trucks for the streets of Oronegro... yours are excellent and I really go like the rebirth of that tank transporter :-)

    1. Thanks Gowan! Diecast vehicles are one of the leading sources of vehicles for my gaming. I used to buy quite a few whenever I visited the warehouse, but stopped when I realised that the stockpiling was exceeding usage by a huge factor!

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    1. Yep, I've managed to find uses for quite a bit of the stuff already, and Ion - The Archduke - is interested in a couple of vehicles, so most of it will find a use with the rest being put up as a job lot on TradeMe (NZ version of E-Bay)