Tuesday 16 April 2013

Northern Khand 1997 Part 2.

As promised in the last post here are some more pictures from the game Frank and I had the other day.

GDI M113s run afoul of some Noddist T-55 fire from the woods.

GDI infantry move to clear out the woods.

A Noddist TOW takes out a GDI Abrams with a flank shot.

GDI Hammerhead is taken out by Noddist fire.

GDI infantry deal to a Noddist Sagger team.

Noddist troops are eliminated by GDI troops while T-55s burn in the background.

Noddist Su-22s arrive.

Noddist armour knocked out by GDI helicopters.

GDI F-18 on CAP.

Another GDI F-18 arrives.

GDI had CAP on table for the entire game.

Noddist forces are caught in the open by a GDI airstrike.

Noddist BMP-2 is pinned after another GDI airstrike.

yet more Noddist armour pinned due to GDI airstrikes.

GDI F-14s bounce a Su-22.

A Noddist Su-22 makes another attempt at an airstrike on GDI forces. This attempt is also a failure.

Noddist armour and infantry swarm into the woods to counterattack GDI forces.
And that's all Folks!


  1. 'Harad Haqeeqa Herald - Harad n.d.'

    'Hostilties have flared up in Northern Khand this morning when an expeditionary force from the United Nations Global Defence Initiative was engaged by forces identified as Khandist and Noddist.

    Shots have been exchanged and and losses have been considerable on both sides. Emergency GDI air strikes have been successful, according to a spokesman, in containing Noddist forces, destroying his logistic supports, and eliminating much of his armour.

    However, a Noddist commentator, Kwrrrkh Haq Choak, has remarked upon the striking success of the Noddist ambush, and predicts that the 'God Damned Imperialists' will soon be driven across the border. Impartial analysts consider this unlikely, but admit that further losses might mean that even when the Noddist forces are driven off, the GDI may not be able for long to maintain themselves in Khandist territory. In that event the Noddists will almost certain claim the victory.

    Amid global confusion and bewilderment, with runours of a worldwide mobilization and contradictory announcements from almost every national capital, world leaders are calling for calm, with repeated 'Don't Panic' messages being broadcast on national airwaves.

    Meanwhile, the price of gold, silver and iridium have been...'


    1. "God Damned Imperialists" - I like that a lot, so much that I am going to steal it!

      Your write up of the action is much better than what I had posted Ion! I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

    2. Really liked the pics. Brian. You and your pal, Frank, buff up your toys very nicely.

      On another (though broadly related topic), I'm looking at some of the 'Into the Reich' actions to see how adaptable they might be to CD. Interested? I'm wondering how you'd be placed for European Theatre American (I can do only Brits). Scaled down to an 8'x6' table - or even 6'x4' - I've worked out 106 Pz 'Bde' as possibly 2 Panthers, 1 JgPz IV/70, and about 13 assorted armoured half-tracks. The 5 US Infantry battalions reduce to 2 slightly understrength with artillery, tank and TD inventories to be determined.

      On the GDI thing: you're welcome. A very sincere form of flattery, in my view.

    3. I certainly would be interested, and I am fairly sure I could dredge up some US forces to use too! I might have to paint up a few stands of infantry - but I've certainly got the figures in the plastic mountain!

  2. I like the addition of all the cool air power and for some reason like the champagne flutes as aerial bases. Cheers! ;)

    1. Hi Sean,
      I can't remember where I stole the idea from, but it does have the advantage of being cheap!

  3. awesome game! cool looking stuff. Also it seems odd but I also congratulate Ion on his write up there... cool game, great kits and good figures! Now its my turn to do a News Report...

    'Great Oronegrean daily - G.O.D'

    'And Now good news for our Economy, war has broken out between GDI forces and an alliance of Noddist and Khandist forces. As the damage builds up, Orders are flooding in for arms and Armour.

    'Manufacturers have been told to expect "plenty of interest and orders" in what is set to be a nice commercial boom for most. However producers of aircraft are being told that they may have to wait a while as both sides get their air-forces sorted.

    'Oronegrean forces have been told that they may be required to guard some orders, however so far delivery routes are not under threat and no forces have been mobilised.

    'so expect a good boost for our economy for the coming months.

    'and in other news, big gains are being made due to war in...'

    as you can tell war benefits Oronegro's Economy, sadly no great quotes, but no-body from Oronegro is in the region at the moment to interview anyone. they'll only go when it becomes serious/really profitable.

    "every bullet fired is another cent earned" that is Oronegro's opinion.