Sunday 28 April 2013

Stuff from Shapeways.

One of the CP scenarios that I have wanted to run for a number of years now, has been the Battle of Goose Green. I have been quietly acquiring the bits and pieces needed to run it. So far I have the British forces - bar the Harrier air support - all painted (bar the final basing), and with the Matchbox NATO Paratroopers set being reissued this year I should be able to produce the Argentinean forces by using these and figures from other sets.

But the most elusive item has been finding Pucara ground attack aircraft. Originally I was going to try and find a 1/72 scale model, but since I have moved to 1/144 scale for modern fixed wing aircraft I have opted to use a model produced by 3D printing.

This is how it shipped  from the Netherlands to NZ. Of course it was in a bag surrounded by bubblewrap!

 I ordered them here from Shapeways - a site that contains quite a great deal of interesting items for gamers. I am sure that i will be purchasing more items from them in the future.

I ordered two as I figured it was a useful number. One suffered a minor breakage  of a broken prop blade. 

I also decided to purchase some ships to add into my existing 1/1800 scale fleet. I decided that this time I would get ships and boats that would increase the amphibious capability of my US fleet.

Two Bayfield class APAs. Both models still have runners attached that are  not part of the finished model.

I don't think my photos give justice to the detail of these models, nor how hardy the material they are printed out of actually is.

12 LCIs still attached to their runner.
Once I get these painted up I will post pictures of my current USN fleet.

The view underneath showing the runner frame.
Of course, if I am getting LCIs, I had to get some LCVPs too. These are also a very nice clean and crisp model. In fact, none of the Shapeways products had any imperfections as a result of manufacture that I noticed. I guess 3D printing eliminates flash and  lines!

LCVPs - four bases of two craft. APAs included to give a sense of scale.

The various models - all 1:1800 scale with a 20mm square GW base to  give an idea of  actual model size.

I am very happy with my purchases from Shapeways and will be looking to put them up on the tabletop soon.


  1. Those models are pretty nice. The runners on top of some of the ships confuse me. I wouldn't know what to cut off.

    1. Hi Sean,
      Coparing the the model to the 3d rendering on the site it does become clear as to what is extra and what isn't.

  2. I thought the runners were part of the vessel! These are cool looking pieces of kit, Brian. looking forward to seeing them in action! Happy school hols, by the way -

    1. THanks Ion - I really should give you a call!

  3. Most impressive Brian! Show them again painted up please.

    1. I've already trimmed the runners off the naval stuff, and have started making the the first Pucara as an 'in flight' model. - plus I've been looking at wartime pictures of them - so the odds of them being painted soon is fairly high.

      I'm still trying to track down some 1/144 scale GR 3 Harriers - currently I've gotten some 1/144 scale FRS 1 Sea Harriers which I can proxy for the GR 3s.

    2. I seem to remember Crown or Revell having a GR3 in 1/144 scale but that was years ago.

      Best of luck!

  4. really nice stuff! the boats look great and those aircraft look very useful for other rolls, well for other nations even your Khand and Harad stuff. Depending of the paint job. anyway cool stuff, and 3D printing is very attractive, if expensive.

    1. 3D Printing is very cool =- and as time goes on the cost will come down. I probably won't use the Pucaras for Harad games as they don't quite fit what I am wanting to do there. Still they are a very nice COIN aircraft , but the Falklands game is one I have wanted to run for years!