Thursday 27 June 2013

Argentine WIP update.

This is just a quick update to show what I have been doing so far with the converting figures for use as Argentinians.

Another Pucura - this time a solid resin version that has enough transfers for three aircraft...

Surprisingly I have been consistently busy with this project, rather that my normal "buy lots of stuff and have it sit in box for ages" approach that has dogged more than a few of my projects......  However this is not to say that I haven't been purchasing things.... like another Pucara - but more detail on that in another post.

Converted figures for use as command stands for 5 BIM.
The conversion process has been in three steps, first figuring out what i need, second sorting out the figures, and finally actually making the conversions!

More figures for use as single figure stands.
My main source of figures for conversion has been the Airfix British Paratrooper set, as the figures are quite bulky and close examination of the weapon on one figure shows it to be a carbine with a pistol grip. I have added a longer barrel and added on some green stuff to bodge it into a more FN FAL like shape. A new head has been donated by Italeri (Esci reissue) American Vietnam war infantry figures.

Airfix British Paratroopers with their new heads.
I have also used some of Paul from Plastic Warriors ideas (click here for link) for suitable figures from US WW2 ranges, as well as some Imex Korean War figures. My gun crew stands so far also include figures from various model kits.

Gun crew stands. I still have to make at least two more to man some AA guns for the Goose Green game.

Support elements for 5 BIM.  I have reworked the Mars recoilless rifle to resemble the Argentine ones.

 I still have quite a few more conversions to do, mainly of the Matchbox/Revell Paratroopers I got the other day. (click here for that post here)

So far the only Matchbox British Para to be converted.

A better view of the RCL.

Another view of the RCL.

With the RCL near done, I have to start thinking about scratch building two AA guns for use at Goose Green. I have some ideas already, but I want to finish off making 5 BIM first.

Two gun crews get a start on their paint job.

5 BIM rifle company command stands get the same basic start.

5 BIM's Battalion command stand gets the treatment as well.

I have started to convert this old Corgi Dingo armoured car into something (Its around 1/60 scale). Perchance  a dodgy Panhard?

Esci Modern Russian Paratroopers gain Matchbox US Infantry heads and hopefully  will pass muster as  Argentine Army troops.

So that's a brief rundown on what i have been doing modelling wise. I still have to scan in and email some stuff for Paul, but haven't managed to sit in front of a scanner yet, but hopefully I will soon..


  1. That's a neat idea using those Airfix Paras. Clever stuff.

    1. Thanks JMM! I always figured that they looked more like they were wearing winter gear than para smocks.

  2. Lots of good work going on here Brian. Those para head swaps have come out better than I expected. Well done.

    The RCL looks trumps as well. I must get onto these myself.

    Ten out of ten!

    1. Thanks Paul! I just have to put more time in to finish them off.

  3. Nice looking conversions so far.
    It looks like you are making very good use of figures I would never have considered for post war conversions.

    1. Thanks Ben! I may even end up using some as WW2 Brit Paras!

  4. Very cool, nice progress too

    1. Thanks Al, now I just need to do some more work on them.

  5. great stuff so far! certainly I feel that WW2 US troops and those from Korea are suitable, when converted for later troops. Then again I imagine the best in the business can convert even earlier figures.

    1. Thanks Gowan1 - I'm far from the best but I figured it's worth having a crack at it!