Wednesday 2 December 2015

Support Weapons

It has been a while since I've made a post in the blog, but I haven't been idle! Here are some pictures of some figures I have recently finished painting.

The whole bunch.

GPMGs. Mix of Revell Modern British and Esci Modern Americans.

The .50cal is a Caesar Modern American, while the HMG and crew are Elhiem Modern Americans. 

 GMG and crew are Elhiem Modern Americans.

Javelin teams are Modern Australians from Wartime Miniatures.
In painting these I have made the deliberate decision not to attempt the multicam of the current NZ Army uniform, as previous efforts have once a wash has been applied become rather indistinct at at distance. The figures seem to pass muster without the extra detail so I am rather happy with the overall result.


  1. I infer from your last remark that these are NZ Army guys? If so, can you tell us about the project?
    Good to see activity on this blog, Brian!

    1. Thanks Ion! Yes, these are meant to represent NZ Army personnel.They are to go with the other items I have made on the same theme. I will have to give you a call in the next couple of weeks to have a bit of a natter.

  2. Excellent work on these stands Brian. You are right about the colour of the uniform. The colour in the pattern fades easily so at this scale its probably a waste of time.

    What colours did use as a matter of interest?

    1. Thanks Paul,
      The base uniform colour is GW Karak Stone, and the webbing etc is Vallejo 70921 English Uniform.

      And you are so right about the fading. Originally I was going to go with a base of GW Rotting Flesh, and fleck in some Karak Stone, US Army Green, and some mid brown. I did do something similar on another figure, but the brown wash completely overwhelmed it.

      Still looked good though:)

    2. Cheers! I will hunt down that stone colour!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Al,
      Nope, I haven't based these for CD (although I plan to base up some for CD3 once I find a TOE I'm happy with).

  4. What's with the basing? Are these intended as teaching aids rather than wargaming elements?