Sunday 10 May 2020

Dedicated Gun Markers for Volley and Bayonet

Before the recent lock down measures, Rhys and I played the Quatre Bras scenario from the V&B 2nd edition rule book. During that game we made use of Risk playing pieces to remind us which stands had dedicated guns.

After painting they received a gloss varnish.
 While the roster sheets provide that information, having a small cannon on the stand is a more obvious reminder.

In V&B terms this represents a French brigade. By adding the marker, I can visually show that it has dedicated guns.
I painted up eighteen guns as I felt that was a reasonable number. The paint job is very basic, but I think suitable for the purpose. 

The Risk pieces received a basic paint job and a brown wash.
Of course, once I had painted the markers I needed a way of storing them. Fortunately, I had an Altoids tin that I had painted previously, but not used, for another project.

Perfect fit, with room for more
The previous project had a Napoleonic French flavour.


  1. Superb idea.
    I do still have that love affair with Volley and Bayonet.
    I think so many modern rulesets had based so much upon its elegant systems.

    1. Thanks Duc de Goblin!

      I agree with you about V&B about the system being elegant - I can play big battles without feeling mentally drained due to the rules being clunky!