Tuesday 30 August 2022

Monsters For Silver Bayonet

Building forces for Duke, Elector, King still continues, but I have started work on another project..... 

I recently purchased some D&D prepainted figures for use in games of The Silver Bayonet (TSB). The majority of these monsters I hope to use in other games such as Broken Legions or In Her Majesty's Name.

Left to Right (LtR): Giant Scorpion, Roper, Pterafolk, Troll 

While only one of the above monsters has official TSB game statistics (the Troll), part of the attraction to the system is the ability to create new monsters as required. It also means that the monsters can be shaped by a gaming group's interpretation of source material relating to the monster. 

LtR: Gremlin, Halfling Rogue, Kobold Mountaineer, Hat Spanish Priest, Vegepygmy

Pterafolk faces off against a Hat Priest and a Warrior 25mm Spanish Officer

Roper about to devour  a Hat Priest and a Warrior Officer

Troll versus Hat Priest and Strelets US 1812 Militiaman

The adaptability of TSB is very attractive, especially as it can allow for the setting to be pushed back into the 18th Century merely by tweaking the game background. Another major attraction is that it will let me use a number of odds and ends figures that don't quite work with my Volley and Bayonet  armies.

Minfigs 25mm French Dragoons prepare to battle a Giant Scorpion

One of the forces that I am thinking of building is a group of French Dragoons with minimal specialists as part of the team, and treating each Dragoon as a standard infantryman. While the force will be at a disadvantage in some ways, quantity can substitute for quality in some cases.

A Roper is engaged by French Dragoons

It certainly will make for an interesting, if albeit short, campaign. It also will allow me to use some nice 25mm Minifigs Dragoons that don't really work with my 1/72 plastic French.

French Dragoons start bridge clearance operations

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