Saturday 18 June 2022

Yet More Airfix Imagi-Nation Figures

 Recently I refurbished some more Airfix British Grenadiers figures into stands for use with Duke, Elector, King. (Previous posts relating to this can be found here and here

Blue coats with green facings

The majority of the figures are blue coated, so currently there is a distinct imbalance towards blue coated troops with fur hats. Once I finish the recycling of the previously painted figures, I will start painting white,yellow, and red coated figures.  

Blue coats with pink facings

Blue coats with purple facings

Green coats with yellow facings. The base still needs flocking.

Frontal view of the green grenadiers

Green and blue coated skirmish stands

A group shot of the work completed in this batch

The last of the blue painted grenadiers. They should yield another three V&B stands.

The last of the green grenadiers - only one stand left to go!

Once these are completed I will start looking at my unpainted figures and figuring out what figures I can use for cavalry, artillery, militia, and regular infantry.


  1. I remember this box of figures from my youth.

    1. There is certainly a wonderful sense of nostalgia with this project!

  2. Great to see such versatile heritage Airfix figures of our childhood still in play - a new lease of life.
    I wish they and the other historic Airfix figures were still available.
    I have enjoyed rebasing and repainting such AWI donations or childhood survivor figures recently

    Think you might find this Airfix AWI article interesting:

  3. Hi Mark,
    Thank you for your kind words and the links to your blogs. I do like some of the colourful uniforms of your figures and I may attempt to reproduce some soon.

    The article on conversions was quite interesting as I think that Airfix AWI sets hold a great deal of possibilities as base figures for conversions.

    Kind regards,