Tuesday 13 December 2011

Action on the Umbar Highway: Part Two.

Having given details of the setting, and both forces used, in the previous post, I shall begin detailing the action at Bar Izian. Both sides started movement at the tables edge, and all motorised, mounted, armour, and mobile units made quick progress.
The Nod Column, turn one.

Separatist Armoured Cars. Two Saladins (One by John Bull Models, the other a Playart Diecast), and a Cadillac Gage V-150 (Metal, Maker unknown).

Separatists quickly seize the town.

Nod Recon encounters a Separatist Infantry company. It gets hit and is forced back into the woods.

Enter the Camels, followed by the Technicals. Note the Armoured cars in the distance.

The Separatist view of the Nod Advance.

And safely securing the Separatist left flank is a T-72 Platoon.

Lagging behind on foot, Nod Militia advance up the highway.
The Nod advance seemed to go fairly well, until the shooting started. Things started to go down hill at that point. Turn one had the Separatists advance, whilst happily brushing aside Noddist Recon forces.
Nod Militia advance through the woods.

Separatist Armour advances toward the high ground.

Nod Recon gathers themselves in the safety of the woods.

The first technical to die.

A Noddist Camel patrol is eliminated.

Separatist Infantry advance and eliminate more camels.

Separatist Armour seize the high ground.
And wipe out the column below.

Two technicals are left. The T-72 destroyed the RCL Technical at left.

More Separatists flood the town.

Noddist 106mm RCL engage enemy armour on the hill. 1s to hit.

Meanwhile Noddist Militia advance through the woods.

Militia at front, followed by Engineers.

The Recoilless Rifles hit, and the Separatist armour is brewed!

Nod regulars seize the high ground on the other flank.

More Camel shooting....

A view from afar. End of Turn Three. This is the Noddist high water mark of success.

And the Camel is pinned.

And then gone.

The advance across the dead ground is thwarted by Separatist infantry in the town.

Engineers have their advance blunted by the remaining Armoured car.

Some damage is caused by Noddist Mortar fire. Frank uses plastic counters and blue tack to mark hits.

The survivors gather in the woods.

The T-72 clears the high ground, while counter battery mortar fire eliminates the Nod Militia Mortar.

Despite casualties, the Separatists still hold the town.

And then a Recoilless Rifle is knocked out.

More dead Nod Militia. At this point Nod starts to break off the attack.

A clear victory for the Separatists. 
It was a quick and fun game. Victory was still possible for Nod, until I moved too quickly by advancing the Infantry out of the woods without dealing with the last Armoured car first. The major Nod advantage was that I outnumbered Frank in infantry, and if I had dealt with that remaining Armoured car, I would have been able to bring that advantage to bear. Still, a very interesting game, and one that I enjoyed playing.


  1. It was not a good day to be a Camel jockey!
    A very entertaining game...my thanks!

  2. Great to see all those Haradians/ Haradites/ Haradese (they all work, don't they?) and their equipment in action. It looked like a tall order for the Noddists, and I wonder if their qualitative superiority (in the matter of quantity - :) ) really would have been enough even to dent the Separatist defences.

    Altogether an attractively presented game, lots of action, with plenty of troop variety to play with. If I can join in, Id be more than happy to take over a faction. Or two...

    By the way: have you noticed? I can comment on this blog at last!


  3. Nice AAR Report Brian with lots of action and eye candy.

    Question,where did you get the RCL's from...I want some!

    Cheers Paul

  4. Cool game. Some really original figure conversions in there too B

  5. @ Paul: They are M-40s from the Mars Mujahideen set. http://www.marsfigures.com/main.php?id=2

  6. A few possible place names from Tolkien (all somewhere near Harad): Nargil (in Nurn), Harondor (South Gondor), Khand, Desert of Lostladen, Dagorlad, River Hurnen (Wadi...?)

    I was thinking of name for a couple of factions:
    East Liberation Front (ELF), and "Dedicated Warriors of Allah" Revolutionary Front (DWARF). The latter's militant wing will, of course, be "Dedicated Warriors of Allah" Revolutionary Volunteers (DWARVs).

    What do you think? No?

  7. excellant stuff!! i love the figs.

  8. I forgot Lebennin...

    More factions:
    Oriental Revolutionary Collective (ORC)
    WARriors of God (WARG)
    God's Own New Dawn Of Revolution (GONDOR)
    Early Response Initiative: Allah's Disciples of Revolution (ERIADOR - or alternatively
    Early Response Initiative Against Dissention, Obduracy and Rebellion);
    Modern Ordinances, Regulations and Directives On Rapprochement (MORDOR - a United Nations resolution regulating international interventions and mediations for resolving intranational disputations).

    Just me having a bit of fun, Brian,

  9. I need to show you AK-47 Ion. Judging from the above I think you would enjoy it greatly.