Monday 19 December 2011

Technical, Tanks, and SPGs

Since my last Harad game, I have decided to create another RCL armed technical. This decision was inspired in part by the performance of the RCLs in the last game, partly by the discovery of a semi-finished scratchbuild RCL amongst some figures, and mostly because I really like technicals.

Step 1: find a suitable vehicle Step 2: Layer on the stuff
The base vehicle is a very old Corgi Range Rover, which has received many repaints throughout its long service life. Driver is an Esci German from the SdKfz 11 kit. The armed fellow in the back is from the Mars Mujahideen set, as are the RCL rounds. The last figure is an Arab of unknown manufacture purchased via an online auction site. Stowage also includes sandbags and an ammo box from the Esci Accessories set. The final piece comes from the Airfix German Mountain Troops set.

A view from the side.
And a view from above.
The gifts from Katherine have been added into the Harad war stocks. Currently this puts me at 14 M-48s. Which would be about a full tank battalion, depending on the exact TOE I use for Harad. The TOE is probably going to be based on either a US or UK model, as these vehicles represent some of the equipment that was available in 1979.
Lots of Tanks! Airfix M-48s in a Harad Tank park.

The view from above
 The Centurions are currently enough to build up a strong reinforced armour company. Adding (and repainting) two more would make enough for two companies. Should I also add in some of the kit versions as well, fielding a second understrength battalion is also possible. Again, this represents elements of the old 1979 Imperial Army.

Airfiix Centurions. Do I add in more from my other Armies?
The current rush to figure this out is because I am launching a Harad gaming campaign soon. I say gaming rather than wargaming, or roleplaying, as what I what to do cuts across traditional lines. I have discussed doing this for some time, but it is planned to get things running in earnest next year. The campaign will involve a blending of several gaming formats LARP, RPG, Grand Strat, and table top wargaming. Each of these will feed into the ongoing narrative of the campaign. The campaign will stress consequences for actions, and will require the juggling of military, political, economic, and political factors. The campaign will have players taking  the part of one of many quite different factions and other interested parties involved in a civil war situation set during the late 20th Century. So far I have had a number of people get very interested in this, and it should result in better games of toy soldiers. The down side is that I am probably going to have to supply the vast bulk of equipment used. Fortunately, by using different gaming formats, much of the battles that aren't practical, or useful, to tabletop can be resolved by other means.

The Airfix SPGs. More additions to the Harad project.

Replacement gun from a set of Hong Kong Army men.

View for the front. The new gun looks more solid that the original.
I do like the Airfix SPG, It seems a little too big to be the US M-40 155mm SPG, but I haven't done any measuring of comparisons to the  1/76 Matchbox kit yet. My main issue is not the size of the vehicle, but rather the size of the gun. I think I will be trawling through the horde for some replacement guns, or other stuff to mount on it. Although, at least one should become an ammo hauler. And I think I could rig up one as a missile launcher... Hmmm... and I do have a source for some additional gear.


  1. The technical is great, I remember when NZ had technicals, landies with RCL's, good times!

    How does the Hong Kong Centurions compare with the Airfix ones? If okay I will flick you a couple.

    Regards Paul

  2. Great campaign idea, I hope to hear more about it in the coming months.

  3. @Paul: I really don't know, as I haven't come across the Hong Kong knock off Centurion in years, and I have seen it in multiple sizes, ranging from tiny to huge. The hull dimensions of the Airfix ones seem to be about 100mm long and 45mm wide. If the knock offs you have are a similar size I will happily accept them! Thanks, Brian

  4. @Sean: I will certainly be putting stuff up here about it, even if it is just a debrief of what went wrong.