Monday 19 December 2011

Christmas Presents from the Wife

My very clever wife decided that since she was not going to be at home this year, as she is working down south on the Ice, that she would hide an envelope full of cash that I could use to buy Wargaming stuff. Recently, the location of this envelope was revealed to me, and I dutifully complied with her instructions!

Naturally, I felt that I needed to beef up the forces I have available for use in Harad. My first thoughts were to buy more plastic soldiers, possibly some more militia from Caesar, or to try and hunt down some other suitable figure types. What I actually did was much better. I got tanks. I got lots of tanks.

I contacted Glenn Sibbald, a local Airfix collector, who has helped me obtain things in the past for projects, about being able to source a couple of the Airfix ready made models that I like. Glenn told me that he might have a couple of things for me, and that I should pop round on Sunday.
The Haul. 9 M-48s, 3 Centurions, 1 Antar Tank Transporter, and a set of Airfix Modern Russians.

The Mighty Antar! I will have to make up a new rear ramp out of plastic card.

Close up of the cab. A fine addition to Haradian forces.

A view from above.

Lots of lovely tanks!

Every Army needs some spare parts! Glenn chucked in these as an extra.
  I am extremely happy with this lot, and am looking forward to adding them in to the Harad project. Thanks Glenn! and Thank you too, Katherine!


  1. !!!!Wow!! They are collectors pieces!! I haven´t seen that many in one place for...well a long time!! and the modern russians as well. You lucky guy!!!

  2. Ha! I've met Glen a few times too, nice chap, massive collection and knowledge of all things model related; good score B

  3. Far out: dig the tank transporter, and I see a couple of centurions. But what are those other fellows: T-somethings??

    BTW how is Glen these days? Still collecting?

    Best wishes of the season to Kat and yourself.

  4. Not a bad score! I don't think I've ever seen so many old Airfix M48 Pattons (Archduke please take note!) in one photo.

  5. @Archduke: Yep, Glenn is still collecting. He's starting to get into Mongoose's Starship Troopers game, and is using the Galoob range of Dropships, etc to add into it as sub scale air units.

    Seasons Greetings to you and yours as well Ion!Lets hope 2012 is a much better yeah!

  6. You lucky blighter! Very nice score indeed!