Sunday 8 April 2012


Taking a brief break from painting up stuff for Harad, I thought I would quickly finish off a kit that I had acquired assembled, but unpainted. The kit is an old Eidai Mobelwagen that is missing part of the gun, but I figured that i could quickly paint it up to match the rest of my late war German forces.
Spray painted white, and then roughly block painted the base colour.

Another view, this time giving a closer view of the 37mm gun.
Normally, I spray vehicles a base coat of black or primer grey. Since this one was sprayed white, I would guess that it has been sitting around awaiting painting for at least ten years. Sadly, this doesn't present a record for deferred projects - not even close...

Once the base coat of Vallejo German Camouflage Orange Ochre was tidied up, I then painted the tracks, edges of road wheels, etc black. I use the Ochre instead of a more correct shade of Dunkel Gelb, for two main reasons - I think it looks nice, and secondly, it's what I have used throughout my German repainting process. For those interested in correct paint colours - have a look at the research presented here, as it seems the issue isn't as cut and dried as some would have it.

Is this your Dunkelbraun and Olivegrau? - Yep, sure is - because I like it!
Some carefully torn pieces of special painting sponge.
 In a similar light I use two Humbrol colours used by my friend Andy on his Germans, because they look ok. I use pieces of sponge ripped from packing foam to sponge it on, as I like the effect, and it saves me from having to clean a brush afterwards.
The rear exhausty/mufler thing was replaced from another Eidai kit in the bits box.

The brass shell casings are the result of GW Shining Gold having a wash of Devlan Mud overtop. I like the effect and will probably use it for the helmets of my Republican Romans.

It still needs a crew, but that can wait for now - and for when I repair the missing bits on the gun.

Close up view of the 37mm gun.

Side view with flaps up!

Rear quarter front view.
Mobelwagens were made out of damaged Panzer IVs that were then rebuilt into Flak vehicles. With that in mind I am planning on turning this damaged Eidai tank  into a useful vehicle.
This had been converted into a sub optimal version of a Brummbar, using cardboard and think coats of paint.

I purchased it at a bring and buy with the idea of either rebuilding it, or using it for parts. It was the source of the Muffler thingy on the Mobelwagen.
All in all, I had fun finishing painting the Mobelwagen, and look forward to gaming with it soon.

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  1. really cool looking. Good idea with the spounges, I'll copy that some time