Sunday 22 April 2012

WIP: Sherman MRL.

Since I finished the Airfix Sherman Crab, I figured I should build the other 'new' Airfix Sherman kit, the Airfix Sherman 'Calliope". Essentially, it is the old Airfix Sherman, with a sprue of new parts containing banks of rocket tubes, and attachment widgets.
Behold, the war comic box art. MRL and bow mg are in use.
 The Sherman goes together well, and if you get on of the more recent kits, you should get the new rubber tracks for your Sherman. Mine had plastic tracks, which were still more flexible than the rigid plastic sets contained in the re-releases of the late 1990s. the Sherman assembles the same way it always has, but the MRL assembly is a little fiddly. The instructions say to drill holes in the turret sides to act as an attachment point for the MRL, but are fairly vague as to exactly where, and the casting of the turret is not the best for this. So I superglued it into place instead using the looks about right method.Naturally, this will mean that the whole assembly is either too far forward, or too far back!

Spray painted with Olive Drab after construction.
 I used the FOW US Army Olive drab spray to paint it, and will paint the tracks, add decals, and give a wash of  Devlan Mud, at a later date. Presumably when I am procrastinating from another project. I am currently trying to organise my Sherman holdings between my WW2 and Modern interests, and within WW2 between, US Army, USMC, and British and Commonwealth forces. Repainting has been easy for the US stuff, just spray olive drab!, but the various in theater paint schemes for the British and Commonwealth forces are a little more complicated, and thus require more research.

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  1. looks good! I do wonder why they chose that arangement as surley the turret gun and controls for the rockets must have taken up alot of space