Monday 9 April 2012

One of these Mules is not like the others.

A trio of Mule stands.

A while back I started making some pack mules for use in Harad. At around the same time I rediscovered what appeared to be a Roco model of a Mechanical Mule, or at least a similar type conveyance. Naturally I decided to add it to the build list - especially since it was mounting a TOW. I also acquired from Glenn a number of the hard plastic supply mules from the Airfix Jungle Command Post set that I felt would be useful logistics elements for various forces operating  in Harad.

Rocco Mule and Hong Kong Green Army Man Radio Operator. He was purchased in Invercargill during the the late 1970s in a packet of mainly Series 2 Airfix US Marines knock offs.

The view from the rear.
The facial detail on the Green Army Man is better than I thought it should be.
The Mule driver is mostly the driver from the Airfix Matador and 5.5 inch gun kit, with a few bits added to him.
Ready for undercoating.
View from above. The steering wheel came from the bits box.
Undercoated in GW Chaos Black. At the rear is a Supply Mule that i am starting to work on for my Japanese.
The figures on the two supply Mule stands are respectively an unconverted Airfix/Hat Arab, and on the second stand an Esci Modern Russian Paratrooper who had earlier donated his weapon, and now received a head transplant from another Airfix/Hat Arab.

A Mule train with added punch.
A view from the side.
 I have on the workbench at the moment a number of mounted stands that I am slowly painting up for use in Harad. I will try and take at least some work in progress photos of them. As for the Roco Mule, I haven't seen any pictures of the various marks and models of the US Mechanical Mule that is an exact match for the Roco beast I have used here. My suspicion is that it is actually a NATO vehicle that is similar in concept, rather than being the US one. Still, it allows me to have another TOW on the table, which is a good thing. The driver does look a little awkward when viewed from some angles, but when using the three foot rule he looks quite good. Not bad given that the vehicle is meant to be 1/87 scale. the odd thing about the seating arrangement is that the model has the driver sitting down with his legs in a box, similar to the arrangement on a Kettenkrad, whereas normally on the Mechanic Mule the legs are either on the deck, or extended over the front. It is this seating arrangement that makes me think that it not an actual Mule, but something quite similar instead.


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    1. Thank you, your blog has some amazing stuff on it.

  2. I live by the 3ft rule Brian.

    I was thinking that some of the poses in the Airfix British Paratroops would fit in well for the mech mule.

    Nice work all around and a blitz of postings over the weekend.

    Well done.

    1. An actual use for Airfix British Paras? ;) I have no end of those, and not enough of the Hong Kong knock offs of the 1/32 scale ones made in 1/72. oddly enough, the ones I have were all sourced in Greymouth.

  3. Well done Brian. These look really good.

    1. Thanks Rodger, I see you have some great work on your blog, I really should go and comment on it :)

  4. awsome!!!! hey can you tell be a good place to get good deals on tanks as I lost the bid :-( I do have plans just look at my blog but I need a back up incase it doesn't work.

    1. I have left a comment on your blog, plus I put a reply to a similar comment on the "New Additions to Harad - 155mm SPGs." post in March. Hopefully that was of some help - if you need further information/advise drop me an email - as I am happy to help.