Wednesday 16 May 2012

A warm day in Bosnia, 1992: Pt. 1

Last weekend frank and I played a small encounter game of CD3 set in our alternate history Bosnia. The alternate history that we use is very rough, and not well defined, as it is only used as a rough framework for staging pickup games. The background is as confusing and as fratricidal as the real world Bosnian conflict, but with the added presence of both Nod (aiding the Serbian forces) and GDI (fighting Nod and its allies).

Turn 0: Let the games begin!
Frank has made up a number of very nice Bosnian themed BUAs, and his Nod forces are loosely based around the Soviet Motor Rifle regiment organisation used in Combined Arms.

Frank's Noddists use Soviet equipment and organisation.

A vast horde of Noddists prepare for battle.
Nod Infantry and a 120mm mortar battery get ready for action.
Nod T-55s rumble into their assembly areas.

Our game had my forces, Bosnian Muslims, advancing forward to counter an advance by Frank's Serbo-Nodian horde. For either of us to win a decisive victory we had to sweep the other off the board!

Frank used the Orion Federal Russian Forces set as the basis for his Nod troops.

We had earlier agreed that Frank could use air support. I was expecting him to use a Hind, and had taken a force that I felt could deal with attack helicopters. Unfortunately, Frank's Hind is still awaiting repairs from damage it took in one of the quakes, so I would be facing fast jet instead. We also decided to use simple ammo rules, and only keep track of special rounds and anti tank missiles. We did this as we were both too lazy to write up ammo sheets. we also decided that we would both be fielding high grade, well motivated troops. Both sides would be Troop Quality: Experienced, Morale: 10.

Fast Jet air support in the form of a 1/144 scale Mig 21.
After my last game, I figured bringing some smoke would be useful!

My force was based around two ideas, firstly, that taking a force with T-34/85s and T-55s would be awesome, and that by playing a Bosnian Muslim force I could use infantry, that I have painted up for Harad, as foreign volunteers and mercenaries.

Bosniak Task Force commander sets up HQ in the BUA, while elements of the Tank Battalion, and the Mujahideen, prepare to advance.

Bosniak Forces - Troop Quality: ExperiencedMorale: 10.
  Task Force Headquarters w/
  1 Command  Stand
     Mujahideen Volunteers w/
     1 Command Stand 
     1 RPG-7 Team
     3 Infantry Stands
     1 82mm Mortar Stand (ds)
     1 Support Stand

Mujahideen Mortar stand. My sole artillery element!

     Composite Tank Battalion w/
        Headquarters Company w/
         1 Command T-62
            2 Tank Companies w/
               1 Command T-55
               1 T-55
            1 Infantry Support Tank Company w/
            1 Command T-34/85
            2 T-34/85s
The two T-55 companies.
The T-34/85 company, with the 9th Volunteer Infantry Company, with elements of the 5th VIC (on right), a Stinger team (at bottom left corner), and a light truck and TOW stand of the Anti-Tank Company on the left.
     Air Defense Company w/
          2 Stinger Teams
     Anti-tank Company w/
          2 TOW Stands
          2 Light Trucks

Foreground: The "Red Devils" of the 5th VIC prepare to advance, supported by armour and the 9th VIC.

    "Red Devils"  5th Volunteer Infantry Company
          1 Command Stand
          2 Infantry Stands
          1 Weapons Stand
          1 MMG Stand 

    "Sudanese"  7th Volunteer Infantry Company
          1 Command Stand
          2 Infantry Stands
          2 Weapons Stand

    "Nubian"  9th Volunteer Infantry Company
          1 Command Stand
          3 Infantry Stands
          1 Weapons Stand

 My Bosniak force was quite a powerful force, having a great deal of firepower in the volunteer infantry companies, quite a few tanks, and consisting of experienced and highly motivated troops. In terms of supporting assets it was very light, having only the 82mm mortar platoon as the sole artillery support, very light air defense in the form of the two Stinger teams, and no air support. Still, I was very confident of success as I had faith in my TOWs and my tanks to deal with any major opposition from Frank's Noddists. What could possibly go wrong?

To Be Continued...


  1. LOL, "What could possibly go wrong?" sounding like the famous line by Custer, "Where the F***
    did all these Indians come fro...."

    Apart from that I have the highest confidence in your tactical plan....)

    1. Before the game started so did I!

    2. Sounds like some of my more memorable games, where apart from the complete and total tactical disaster everything went according to my well devised plan

  2. Nothing can possibly go wrong. We both know that! Which is why we can give a cast-iron, brass-bound, 100% guarantee that something will. Badly. :(

    1. Let us hope he has made the proper offerings to the Dice Gods lol

    2. Alas, I had not! My dice were pretty awful that day!

    3. Cheer up Brian, they are ever fickle deities...)

  3. sounds like a good starting point for your enemies. can you tell me if he used BTR-80's as I think the'll make a nice addition to my rebel forces if they are.

    I am already getting a sence of the outcome from your comments... Hmm perhaps those old T-34/85's were just that little bit to cool and not practicle... But I'll wait and see

    1. I think Frank is using BTR-80s. As for the T-34/85s, the Spandrel that took them out would have toasted the T-55s too! T-34/85s were used during the real world Bosnian war, and even having one supporting my infantry on the right flank was enough to prevent Frank's forces from advancing further. The HE round of the 85mm gun packs a reasonable punch against infantry.

    2. I never knew that. seems a bit odd that the newer tank is still just as weak as the old one. so BTR-80's will be on my to get list. I'll forget the BTR-60's and 50's then