Wednesday 16 May 2012

A warm day in Bosnia: Part 2.

The sweeping vista of the bold Bosniak advance.
On the first turn I advanced my force boldly towards the Noddist hordes. My tanks engaged Frank's armour in the center and I fired all four of the lead T-55s at the Nod armour. This resulted in achieving 1 hit. I had hoped for a more satisfying results. Frank's gunnery was somewhat better with his four lead tanks achieving two hits on one of my T-55s, forcing it back and into the nearby woods.

Hiding in the woods seems like a good idea...

Frank is also using his Spandrel equipped BRDM 2 for the first time. He bloods it by taking out a light truck carrying a TOW stand.
Frank's new toy. S&S Models, BRDM 2.

Burning Bosniak light truck.

Sneaky thrust on the left flank...

Turn 2 sees a rapid advance forward by Frank's mechanised infantry on the left flank. Meanwhile, my T-34/85s advance and outpace their supporting infantry by 18" - or in scale terms half a mile! The speed of the T-34/85s advance surprises both sides as they charge unsupported into the woods!

Outpacing the infantry and charging into woods is not the best of plans...
Brewed Bosniak T-55.
Meanwhile, on the main axis of advance,  the Noddist BRDM 2 takes out a T-55, and his T-55s open up and do 3 hits destroying one of my T-55s. My tank gunnery this turn is shocking, causing no damage to his armour. The remaining T-55 platoon then pins in the morale phase - not really a surprise. The only bright spot of the turn was my brewing of Frank's recon BMP with the T-55. Overkill? - yes.

Take that, Mr BMP!

Turn 3, I manage to disengage my T-34/85s from the woods before they get close assaulted by Frank's infantry. I also manage to advance two infantry companies forward to support the T-34/85s.Both sides perform badly with tank gunnery, exchanging fire with no hits!

Where is the Bosniak infantry?

Frank's air support arrived this turn as well. At this point I start to seriously doubt my air defense... my stingers fail to hit the MiG 21, but the MiG fails to damage anything in its attack. It does generate a morale -2 penalty for any of my forces within 20" of the target. This results in one of my infantry companies becoming pinned. Not the worse possible result from air attack, but still quite disruptive.

Guess what my Stingers can't hit....

 In better news, one of my TOW stands destroyed one of the Nod T-55s! Frank then uses his BRDM mounted Spandrel  to toast one of my T-34/85s!  Frank's artillery missions fail to arrive this turn, as he doesn't have an Artillery Spotter or Forward Observer with his force -meaning his chances of getting fire when he wants it is fairly average. Frank then vows that in future missions he will always take an artillery spotter.

Brewed Nod T-55.

Brewed T-34/85. The Spandrel is very effective.

To Be Continued...


  1. I like that Frank vowed that in future missions he will always take an artillery spotter! But then I'm an ex artillerymen so possibly somewhat biased here...)

    1. I will make sure to take photos of his forward observers in our next game.

  2. hmm not looking good. those old tanks did a great job maneging to get so close so fast. if only they could have opened fire earlier the results on franks forces there would have been caotic