Wednesday 16 May 2012

WIP Mk 1 Nod Flame Tank

I have been slowly working away on this vehicle for quite some time. after the earthquakes in Christchurch, it required a bit of repair work. the base of the vehicle is the tracks unit from a toy plastic excavator (purchased in a set of four from The Warehouse several years before). The fuel tanks are empty NOS bulbs, that had been discarded used on the street during the NOS craze in Christchurch several years ago,which I picked up because of their modelling possibilities.

Flame tank next to light truck.

The flamer nozzles on each side are  fashioned out of GW vehicle flamer bits that I was given as part of a trade. Giving this vehicle stats for use in CD3 has been an interesting exercise. Without giving too much away, it works as per a normal vehicle flamethrower (but with extra shots), and is barely an armoured vehicle.

Side view. Paint job needs tidying up.

Front view.
This flame tank is more of a terror weapon, than a battlefield weapon, so it seems appropriate that I make one up for my Nod forces, as this goes well with the background I am using for them.

Rear view

The main use of this vehicle will be as table decoration, or as part of a special objective for a scenario. I had fun making it, and I really enjoyed using flame tanks in Command and Conquer.


  1. that is an awsoem piece of kit. I wonder if I still Have those CO2 canisters as they look the same. those would be a really cool adition to my table as well, is it ok if I steal your idea?

  2. Please feel free to make use of any idea I put up on my blog. I look forward to seeing your finished product.