Wednesday 29 April 2015

A Miniature Freud

A co-worker is a big fan of Dr Freud, and when they saw some models I brought into work, asked if I could make them a 1/72 Scale Freud.

A collection of Freudabilla.
Since they are a valued co-worker I said yes, and did a paint conversion of a Nexus Lenin figure from the Nexus reissue of the Atlantic Russian Revolution set.When did a google search for images to base my painting on, I found a number of images of Freud without his glasses. This convinced me that the Lenin figure could be easily repurposed .into a figure of Freud.

The good doctor and a GMG.

Another view of the GMG.
The addition of the GMG onto the stand is partially due to Freud's purported interpretation of the underlying meaning to having or desiring big guns. Plus I think it looks good on the stand :)
Complete with  travelling case.
I recycled an old GW paint container to make a transport case for the good doctor on his travels. When I gave the figure to the co-worker they were quite pleased with the final result.