Monday 24 December 2012

Eagle Games: Napoleon in Europe

Last Monday night I went around to play a very relaxed social game with an old friend. We normally play various games in the Axis and Allies series, but the last couple of times we have played games from the Eagle Games 'big box of stuff' series. It's a fairly relaxed affair that follows the same general format - The game gets brought out and set on the lounge floor, while the first movie is watched, and the pressing issues of the day are discussed. Then once the second movie is started, the box is opened, and the game is set up. Once the second movie is over, the game is started. While this may seem to take a fair amount of time, it is nothing compared to the time once spent on playing Axis and Allies 2nd edition through to the bitter end.

It's a very big board - All figures are 1/72 scale.
 As there was only the two of us playing we took turns in choosing nations out of the seven powers - I was the Russo-Franco-Ottoman Alliance, while my friend was the Anglo-Austrian Spanish Alliance. Prussia was neutral in this contest of titans. We played the basic game which plays quickly. The game has three versions (and for more info click here)

France loses territory to  Anglo-Spanish Forces!
 While the evening was fun - the dice were not in favour of the Russo-Franco-Ottoman Alliance. Indeed, after losing Paris and Moscow, I conceded the game. I am currently planning to run another game with more players using the more advanced rules.

Double sixes abounded - but only when rolled by the Anglo Austrian Spanish  Alliance!
 I will also add in some more dice to the game as it only has four in the box - nowhere near enough for the masses of dice that are required for a battle in this game!

The battle board - France's last stand!
I have more stuff to post after Christmas, but it can wait! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


  1. ah well perhaps the game didn't go your way but I hope tomorrow is kinder to you! I wish you Merry Christmas and a healthy happy and hobby filled new year

    1. Hi Gowan, the dice were not with me, but thems the breaks... I hope 2013 is a good year for you and yours too!

  2. Best wishes from Karen and me to you and Kat, Brian for the Christmas and New Year season. I'd be interested in seeing the game mechanics for the Napoleon in Europe game.

    I was thinking the above battle game might be translated into 5 Cavalry Rgts (60 figs), 4 Infantry (96 figs) and 3 batteries (3 guns) on the Allied side, and on the French side, 36 Horse, 120 foot and 2 guns. These for a table-top game. That supposes the board game lends itself to this kind of transference.

    1. Hi Ion. Best wishes for 2013 to you and yours too! I think your idea about transferring the battle would work, but I think that it might be an idea for you to check out the initial setups for each nation/scenario to give an idea as to what each figure represents.

  3. Merry XMAS Uncle Brian

    I have this game although it is consigned to the loft as I have far too much wargaming stuff altogether. I must have a 'spring' clearout soon.


    1. Merry Xmas and a most excellent 2013 to you too Jim! I am a sucker for the big box with lashing of plastic pieces style of game - my goal for 2013 is to play these games more often. I think I should have a spring cleanout too!

  4. All my best for you and yours this season !