Tuesday 4 December 2012

X-Wing, or yet another defeat....

The rules: Simple and Elegant.

After Steve and I had played our game of Harpoon, we then moved on to the next event of the day - X-Wing - a rather nice game of Space Fighter combat set in the Star Wars universe and using mechanics very similar to the popular Wings of Glory system.

Five Tie Fighters, the ultimate min/max combo in a 60pt X-Wing game?

We each had 60 points to spend on our forces. Steve played the Galactic Empire, and took five Tie Fighters with pilots fresh out of the Academy. The rebels lack a cheap fighter option, so I gambled that quality, rather than quantity, would win the day. As such I took two fully optioned Y-Wings, and hoped for the best.

Behold my fully tooled up pair  of Y-Wings!

Card and Token bling. Blue tokens are strength points for the Y-Wing shields.

Taking the fully optioned Y-Wings meant that I had lots of cards to add to my basic stat card for each fighter.

Movement is simple, just use the stick that matches the maneuver  you chose.

Photon Torpedoes away!

And another 5 points down the drain!

Photon torpedoes are a quite an expensive item of equipment, which frankly didn't seem to be worth their points cost.
First blood! A Tie Fighter at 12pts is damaged by a 5pt Photon Torpedo.
 After the first few turns it became rapidly clear that quantity had a quality all of its own, and that the Tie Fighter was quite the dog fighter, and that five of them made for quite the challenge.

Note that only one Y-Wing still has any shields...

Tie Fighters closing for the kill.

And again on the other flank.

One Tie Fighter down, but the Y-Wings are taking heavy damage...

And then the first Y-Wing is lost - and soon the other will join it...
Overall X-Wing was a very enjoyable game, but playing my first game against a proven min/maxed points combo was a brutal learning curve. It is a game I would play again, but not using the points system (although I have been told that at 100pts a side the Rebels are able to better match the numbers that the Empire fields).


  1. interesting game... you did not do to well there sadly but all this is experience and that will be useful later on

    1. A best it was a Kobayashi Maru scenario - sometimes the odds are stacked against you, but you still have to try!

  2. Replies
    1. Very interesting stuff! Certainly something I will read further on.

  3. I see what your problem was - you were trying to fire photon torpedoes, when you should have been pressing the proton torpedoes button. Wrong franchise.

    1. Shit ordnance by any name, still fails to work just the same.... Thanks, Frank - I stand corrected but remain unimpressed with them, and can't help but think they are somewhat overpriced for their game effect!