Tuesday 28 May 2013

1/144 Shapeway Pucaras

As part of the building up of figures and models needed to run the Goose Green scenario given in both the old CD CPs, and in the Harpoon supplement 'South Atlantic War', I acquired some 1/144 scale Pucaras from Shapeways (More details are given in an earlier post here)

The canopies are glued into place after been cut off the runners.

On the weekend I converted them to being 'in flight' rather than the wheels down version they where supplied as. Once I removed the undercarriage, I then used GW Liquid Green Stuff to bog the resulting gaps. I hadn't used liquid green stuff before, but after this I am very impressed with its performance, and can see myself using it a great deal.

Brushing in the Green Stuff was the easiest bogging job I have ever done!

I decided to give both aircraft the same style of paint scheme, and that I would do one similar to that found on an aircraft from III Brigada Aerea. Apart from the usual Googling for pictures, I also dragged out my copy of the Airplane magazine that featured the Pucara. The article was very interesting, particularly over the claim that Iraq had looked at purchasing some in 1985.

And two Pucaras are now  ready for the table!
 The paint job is very simple and basic, and I don't currently have any transfers for them, but I believe they are now table worthy!

Side view.

The underside of both are painted grey.

All I need now is some ground troops for them to support!

So all that is needed now is to paint up the Argentinian ground forces, and for the 1/144 Corgi  Diecast GR3s to arrive .


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Nick - now I just need some decals!

  2. very nice! certainly cool to have some plains on the battle field. nice to see something other than the usual jets and helicopters in the sky! turbo props are still cool despite being "inferior" technology.

    1. Thanks Gowan! I agree - it is nice to have a variety of things on the tabletop. It is very easy in moderns games for the airpower to overwhelm the game.

  3. Nice execution on these Brian. Well done.

    1. Thanks Paul - I hope the rest of the Argies will look as good when I finish them!