Tuesday 14 May 2013

More tanks from the Wife.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in passing to Katherine that I had seen some useful looking Matchbox Battle Kings for sale on a local auction website. So being the nice, supportive and lovely wife that she is - she went and purchased them for me!

Wrap these in bubble wrap, then in the cardboard shown - and that was the way these were carefully packaged!

A rather dirty and dusty K-107 155mm SPG.

 Today they arrived in the mail, in all their dirty and play worn glory. Two of them are types that I am already happily using for my Haradi forces - The K-107 155mm SPG (which I went into great detail here), and the K-102 M48A2 Tank (which I haven't mentioned in the blog yet).

A K-102 from the first run of Battle Kings - and the commander still has his head!
 The other two toys consisted of a K-117 SP "Hawk" Launcher, which despite missing one of it's three missiles was still able to launch them - much to Katherine's delight as she shot one at me!  I believe that it is a rather large box scale M727  Hawk Launcher.( a picture of one on display in Israel is here)

The diecast toy is huge, but the hatch on the cover looks about  right....
Clearly, either more research, fudging, or creative license is required before I can start to field this plane killing beast......

Speaking of beasts, the final battle king is this K-104 King Tiger, which nicely scales out at around 1/76 scale. I am considering repainting it and adding it into the box of not to be fielded King Tigers, or putting it into a batch of surplus Battle Kings and Super Kings and selling it on a local auction site.  Should I choose to dispose of it, I would consider items in trade......

Unfortunately, the commander on this one has lost his head!
By the time I post this, I will have already cleaned these tanks off, and will be preparing the M48, and the 155mm SPG for an undercoat of grey spray primer - should tomorrow bring good weather and no call outs!


  1. They look like collectors items especially the SPG.

    1. Hi Paul - Yes, Battle Kings are sought after by collectors so in a way these are collectors items, but I am always very careful only to convert vehicles to gaming that are significantly play worn or damaged in other ways for exactly that reason.

      I have other Battle Kings that I have acquired that I won't use because they are in too good a condition, plus I haven't purchased some others because they also should go to a collector.

      But toys are made to be played with....

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Paul! One can never have too many toys!

  3. I might be interested in the King Tiger, Brian... Not sure what I have to trade for it though. Might have to make some other kind of deal...

    If so, Roland the headless tank commander will probably be able to acquire the cranial protuberances required effectively to look the part...

    A fine score, Brian! Well done that spouse!


    1. I am very sure we can sort something out so that Roland can find a new home!

  4. awesome stuff! they are very cool, I especially like the SPG. great work and they'll be great additions to the Haradi force.

    1. Thanks Gowan! - the SPG is a favourite of mine too!