Sunday 19 May 2013

Of Scouring pads and a good (brown) wash!

Mr K.  is working on getting a CD game up and going.  He came around on Saturday to do some terrain building and get some of his troops washed. Like myself, Mr K.likes making terrain on the cheap.

Mr K arrived with a great deal of green scouring pads.

And cut into strips.

Each strip is three pads thick.

A US infantry stand of Revell figures for scale.

Strips are packed up to await the next step in construction.

 No prizes for guessing where Mr K.'s game will be set! Mr K. also brought over about a regiments worth of   command, infantry, and support stands to start giving a wash and some repairs to.

The figures are a mix of US Army and Marines from Matchbox, Airfix, Esci, and Revell.

Before the wash - these guys are some of Steve's former troopers and have seen quite a bit of hard play.

Group shot post wash.

And again....

and once more for luck!

Some progress was made on these while i worked on some 1/144 scale Aircraft with the Dremel. Mr K. will no doubt be part of this week doing more work on his CD Americans, while I am continuing to flit from project to project!


  1. These 'working bee' sessions can be quite congenial and you can get a lot done that way - especially for the less interesting tasks. I recall many years ago James Davies and I working on our respective Napoleonic armies - his British and my French - flocking the bases.

    Incidentally, I was never so impressed as I was then what a difference flocking the bases would make. Most of James's figures were second hand home castings - very rough, with a paint job to match. Flocking the bases transformed them into a very attractive looking army. Astonishing.


    1. Working bee sessions can be extremely productive - I am trying to make them a regular Saturday thing over the next month or so of crap weather - let me know if you are interested.

      Good basing can lift the appearance of a figure considerably! This is why I am starting to experiment with different techniques.

  2. nice! This inspires me to get Pete around. he works on models far less than I do but perhaps he can come over and I could work with him some time.

    anyway good job you two. Seems like everyone is working together, just came from another blog where one blogger had painted the figs and then sent them to another to be part of a Diorama.

    BTW I have no clue where the figs are going to be gamed... err in Europe. anything else I guess really would be a random guess.

    1. Hi Gowan,
      I've always found that sitting down and doing some building or painting with a friend seems to result in greater productivity.

      Oh, and Mr K. is building hedgerows for a game set in Normandy, so Europe was certainly right as far as the big picture goes.

    2. ok that was one guess I was going to give. oh bugger that's right the tall hedgerows. I should have remembered that. silly me.

  3. How is the GR3 going Brian?

    1. Hi Paul, I did some research and found that the most available 1/144 kit for the GR3 is the OOP Crown/Revell kit - exact same kit under in different boxing. The kit is actually of a GR1 and lacks the gunpods. I then found that Corgi did a diecast version of a GR3 that seems to scale out at 1/144 - so I bought three on Ebay, and amd getting the wife to mule them back when she comes back from visiting her parents in the US.