Monday 9 July 2012

Combat Tanks Collection Pt. 1 Allied WW2

A while back I subscribed to the 'Combat Tanks Collection' magazine by DeAgostini - the same folk who did the Lord of the Rings magazine with the GW figures - because they were going to be sending me two 1/72 tanks a month, with a magazine on each tank, for less than NZ$40 (including shipping).  It seemed like too good a deal to resist - so I didn't!

The collection, according to my initial research on it in 2010, was meant to run to around 60 issues, however it seems that models from another DeAgostini title 'The Panzer Collection' are being added into the collection. This may mean that the collection will run for at least another 60+ issues. It also means that many of the models will not be tanks, or as useful to me as a tank model - next issue No: 62 will see me gain another 222 armoured car.

British tanks for use in Africa.   Crusader II, Grant, and Matilda II.

Note the off centre roundel on the left.

A very nice sponson.

Side view of the Crusader II.

Side view of the Matilda II.

Allied armour for use in Western Europe.

Side view of the Churchill.

US M4A3 Sherman - armed with a 105mm gun. In CD 3 you need one of these for each US Tank battalion.

The mighty Pershing tank!

Cromwell tank.

Our Soviet friends.... T-34/76, IS-2, KV-1, SU-85.

SU-85 in the foreground.




 And, finally something amphibious! I managed to purchase two of these models in 2009 at the Riccarton Markets - except they were in a 'shopworn' condition and were green with red stars, with the legend 'The Bloody Trail' on each.

LVT(A)-1 very nice!

Rear view of the beast.

Note that the MG gun tubs are covered over. This will be rectified in due course.

 Next up with be the Axis vehicles.


  1. That´s a nice collection of AFV´s.
    The LVT(A)-1. i can see me getting one of those for a steampunk build...what make is it?

    1. Excellent question - I don't know for certain who DeAgostini has making their tanks but IXO Models Altaya seem to be the most likely outfit. Of course, they too may be subcontracting to/ purchasing from a faceless industrial concern in China.

  2. Very nice. good magazine. hope you get allot more. the LOTR magazine ended on no. 91 for some reason.

  3. So far I have made precisely 2 of the AFV mag purchases: #1 and #50. Well, two of the latter. I really needed those RSOs.