Tuesday 10 July 2012

Horsemen of Harad

I have found some more pictures on the old laptop that I had been meaning to post. Since I had so much fun painting up the Airfix/Hat camels from the Arabs set, i decided that I would paint up the horse riders from that set too.... and since I was painting Arabs, I could also paint up a couple from the Eagle Games 'Age of Imperialism' set - PSR review here.

Foreground: Left to Right: Eagle Games Arab, Hat Arab. Background: Left to Right: Hat Arab, Eagle Games Arab.

Note Eagle Games Arab on left has had arm and weapon replaced with an Esci arm and AK-47.
And painted.... except that one Eagle Games Arab has gone, and one Hat Arab has been changed for another of the same pose. The new figure (second from left) is from a New Ray Farm playset.

Hat Arabs on display.

Note the New Ray figure has had a Fujimi MP-44 added.

And a nice group shot.
And what of the the other Eagle Games Arab, and the other Hat Arabs? Are they going to be painted?
Well - yes - they will, but in the fullness of time. In other news, I will be marking a blog milestone of 100 posts soon, and it seems to be traditional to mark these things with a competition of sorts. Feel free to make suggestions or thoughts on this in the comments section.


  1. I always hated airfix horse stands... terrible. but you did a nice job

  2. these are some nice figs. it is a cool selection from a veriaty of places I am impressed by your colection of figs.