Monday 9 July 2012

More Matchboxes

I find NZ chain store called 'The Warehouse' to be an excellent source of diecast vehicles suitable for conversion. currently they are the best stockist - in terms of both range and price- of the Matchbox range of toys.

At the beginning of this year I purchased a few such vehicles for conversion purposes, and then promptly did nothing with them.

 The vehicles come from two separate Matchbox ranges. The first is the 'Real Working Rigs' range - which is where the Buffalo MPCVs come from. Not all of this range is available in New Zealand, fortunately the Buffaloes were. I picked them up for around NZ$12 each. The second is the 'Super Convoy' range which is what the tractor trailers are part of. These retail here for around NZ$20.

The Ford tractor unit is going to get quite weathered.

The spreader is somewhat less useful than the cab.
 The DAF truck, with it's cargo of a huge generator, made me think of the book 'Juggernaut' by Desmond Bagley. The book could be a very interesting basis for a short campaign.

A very nice looking DAF Tractor unit.
Comes with lowbed trailer with detachable generator.

The generator can be removed off it's carry bed.
 Of course, even without the generator, the low bed trailer does have it's uses.

Long enough for a M-48.
But sadly too narrow.

But just right for a Buffalo!
Many of you will already be well aware of the gaming potential of the Matchbox Buffalo - more than one blog I follow has had pictures up of this this. So I may be preaching to the choir here....

 I have seen extensive discussion on the internet about the Matchbox MPVC, and what scale the vehicle is. Some claimed that it was perfect for 15mm, others for 20mm. My own research (and experience with Matchbox products) leads me to think that it is a 'box scale' diecast that with work well with both scales without actually being a true scale model.

Extendable arm - hence the 'Real Working Rigs' title!

Buffalo size comparison to 1/72 scale Esci/Italeri US Vietnam War figure.

And size comparison to Airfix M-48. The buffalo is not small.

 Now that I have posted the pictures up on my blog, it will hopefully motivate me to do something about them. Of course I still have work to do on my Airfix SPG horde, and those fuel tankers....

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  1. cool. now I must go off to the warehouse again. and look for these ranges. though I assume my local one may not have them I may be surprised