Friday 20 July 2012

Harad Vehicle Guide

Recently I decided to get some of my CD 3 Moderns stats into a more user friendly format. The idea was to create an individual data card for each different type of equipment, with a view to making it easy to find all the game statistics in one place.

I even printed out a color cover sheet.
 I decided that I would make the 'Harad Vehicle Data Guide' in A5 format. I did this for a number of reasons; firstly, I wanted something small - A4 sized sheets have a tendency to take up space during gaming. Secondly, I have always liked the look and feel of A5 booklets, and finally, I have a number of A5 folders that I have horded away for such a purpose....

Inside cover sheet is printed in budget friendly greyscale.
 The gaming statistics are primarily based on David Makin's CD 3 moderns data, with some stuff converted across from 'Combined Arms'. Additional statistics (fuel usage etc) are sourced from the GDW game 'Twilight 2000'. Currently many of the additional non CD3 fields are blank as I am still deciding on what approach I will be taking with regards to logistics during moderns wargaming campaigns.

The Chieftain MBT - the pride and joy of the old Imperial Armoured Corps.
Each card has a picture of the vehicle (often sourced from GDW Twilight 2000 supplements), and all the data required to use it in a game of CD 3. While a few bits and pieces still need to be tweaked (and the odd typo eliminated), the format is one I am quite happy with.

Of course, striking out errata with a pen works too.
 Currently, the plan is to finish off all the data cards required to detail the equipment used by the Imperial Army - and thus the majority of successor forces, then start work on a separate guide book for Nod forces, and other factions/campaign settings as needed.

Occasionally, I used pictures of models from my own collection.
 Ideally I would like to create a data card for every vehicle, or piece of equipment, that is likely to be fielded in the games I play. While this sounds quite ambitious, the hardest part of this process was deciding on a format.I am quite pleased with the way these have turned out, and quite looking forward to using them in a game.
The M-48 is a popular tank in Harad.
In other matters, this is my 100th post. Often this milestone is marked by a giveaway, or competition, of some sort. I had seriously considered doing something of that sort, but the postage rates from NZ to the parts of the world where the bulk of those following this blog live are somewhat high. I then considered doing a NZ only competition, but I thought that was somewhat unfair given the readership percentages. My next thought was to put in the too hard basket and just quietly ignore having mentioned it at all....

However, that doesn't really address the matter in a way I would like, because I would like to say thank you to those who look at this blog, and to those who comment on posts, and those who even reblog or link to posts from here. So, I am currently thinking about what to do (as another blog stat milestone approaches) in order to solve my conundrum in a suitable way. Thoughts, ideas, or feedback of any type is most welcome!


  1. great idea. I was thinking of doing something similar with weapons when I get more rules to use for Oronegro

  2. Great idea, reminds me of a few TMs (technical manuals) I've
    used in the army!

    1. Cool! Part of my inspiration for the project was the various military manuals I have looked at over the years, I am glad that I managed to capture the 'look and feel' I was hoping for.

  3. This is a great idea Brian, and one I shall copy I think!

  4. No worries Paul - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - let me know if you want me to email copies of the guides I am making.