Sunday 8 July 2012

News from the Bosnian Front Pt. IIV

The Republican spoiler attack into the Noddist rear was a success, despite costing a full company of T-55s. The attack destroyed a battery of Nod 122mm SPGs, and drew a company of Nod T-72s back from the frontlines.

A Republican T-34/85 company mounts a flank attack on Nod APCs in the woods.

The Civilian Militia hold off an attack by a company of Nod infantry.

Nod T-55s await orders before advancing further

Republican T-34/85s engage Nod APCs - destroying a platoon. A platoon of T-34/85s is lost to fire from a Nod auto cannon battery.

Nod ZU-23-2 battery, supported by two platoons of Nod APCs.

The Islamic volunteers die hard for the Republic....

...but are forced back deeper into the BUA, fortunately a company of of Republican regulars arrive to reinforce the defense.

Nod APC lossses mount as the Republican T-34/85s press home their attack.

However, the company is destroyed by a determined Nod counterattack.

Republican reinforcements secure the BUA.

Elsewhere the Civilian Militia repel the Nod assault...

...and purse the surviving Nod infantry into the woods....

....where Republican forces capture a company of Nod trucks.

Meanwhile Nod launches an armoured thrust up the left flank.

Republican regulars expel Nod from the BUA.

Republican resistance on the heights is spirited, but is overwhelmed by Noddist armour.

A company of Nod T-72s pours into the lowlands.

A company of Nod T-55s gets mauled by Republican anti tank fire.

Other Nod units join the advance.

Republican artillery units start shelling the heights.

Elsewhere, the HQ elements of Nod infantry units live up to their reputation for toughness.

A platoon of Nod T-55s is destroyed by fire from Republican T-55s.

Which in turn are destroyed by...
Noddist infantry armed with AT-4s.

Nod armour still attempts to advance through the burning wrecks on the heights.

Civilian Militia continue their rampage through the woods.

A Republican Motorcycle RPG team destroys a platoon of Nod APCs. Nods advance is halted in the centre.

Nod HQ elements remain defiant.

The Nod FAC element has been hit hard. No MiGs today.

Nod armour burning on the heights...

...burning in the lowlands...

...and burning in the woods.

 The forces of the Republic managed to halt the Noddist advance, and destroy a great deal of Noddist war material.


  1. Good results for the Republicans after a rough looking start.

    Excellent AAR Brian with lots of nice looking eye candy for the Cold War gamer.

  2. A glorious victory for the Republicans - though a near run thing, by the look. And I have a sneaking feeling that the blood letting and metal shredding that has happened here will be greeted with a certain satifaction of other non-Republican factions? Great battle, Brian, and a fine photo narrative. If you have time for the OOB...

  3. All Hail the Republicans but, I don't think the Noddests are
    out of it just yet. I'm sure there will be a glorious winter offensive...)

  4. a glorious day for our republican friends. ohh I better add Nod to the list of nations for an embassy in Oronegro. in the meanwhile I'll think about how asome your game was to read. thanks for showing us this. :-D

  5. Your republican artillery is made up of the old atlantic AT guns nice!as always your games look to be alot of fun.looking forward for more.